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Nikolai Lomachenkov Knives Technopatolog
Nikolai Lomachenkov Knives Technopatolog

Welcome to the part of our website, where high-class crafting turns into a real art. Here are the blades, which deserve special attention. In our humble opinion each of them can be called a standard of style. Why does this section have such a specific name? Maria Stalina purposefully introduces the term "reference knife", because It most accurately reflects the difference between an expensive exclusive knife and a work of art that can become the jewel of the most luxurious collection. Reference knife is a masterpiece and source of pride for owner, therefore it is practically impossible to find such copies in free sale.

Collecting knives is an exciting hobby that will allow you to plunge into an amazing world encompassing huge layers of culture and human history. Competent person could understand to which region and time period the item belongs due to the shape of the knife, the ornament, the materials used, the symbols on the handle or on the blade. Through the analysis of alloys used to make knives in the past, it is possible now to trace how the forging and steelmaking industry was developing. The history of the development of knife production in opposite sides of the globe is still the subject of fascinating discussions in the knife community.

At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century after the abolition of a number of restrictions in Russian legislation especially those concerning EDC knives, the collection of knives became rapidly gaining popularity. Now everyone fully understands that the EDC knife is not a weapon but a functional tool. But in Soviet times the artisanal production of any knife and accordingly its wearing was considered a criminal offense, so there was practically no possibility of owning any really custom knife. Now, everyone can get the cherished item without fear of becoming the object of close attention of the first counter policeman. Furthermore, do not forget that this is a very significant increase, which in time can turn a profit, because the author's knives only in isolated cases lose in value. In addition, the exclusive knife is a commodity of high liquidity, in case of need it is not difficult to sell such a rare model.

Each reference knife is a work of applied art with an impressive space of meanings.
Before starting to create, the author can spend several months or sometimes years to give careful thought of his idea. Through such works knife maker like an artist wants to tell to future owner great meaning. Making reference blade requires painstaking work, a lot of knowledge and incredible skill. Each curve of the blade, decorative element, detail of the handle and pattern line are so harmoniously complementary that even the most sophisticated knife lovers will have no doubt that they have a style yardstick in front of them.

In most cases knife makers use expensive materials in the manufacturing process. First of all, these are alloys of base metals (which does not always mean that their cost is much lower), designed exclusively for making knives. All kinds of combinations of titanium, manganese, molybdenum, copper, chromium and tungsten often allow the master to create a stunning pattern and color scale, impressive much more than any knife made of platinum or gold. Sometimes author uses precious metals, mother of pearl, rare woods, leather, bone, etc. in the process of decoration. But none, even the rarest material, does not turn a knife into a masterpiece. The most valuable thing in the reference knife is the master's work. The development of design, a number of engineering solutions, the use of the most sophisticated technologies in the manufacture and, beyond all doubt, impeccable execution turn the knife into a pattern to which every knifeman will subsequently equal when considering similar models. Thanks to this design the elite folding knives which we have in stock delight collectors all over the world. The presence of your reference knife significantly increases the value of your collection and the interest to it from the knife community.

Despite the magnificent appearance, each of these blades still remains your EDC knife that convenient for everyday needs. Certainly some models in view of the composition's characteristics are more suitable for installations than for wearing in a trouser pocket, but this fact does not affect their quality as a tool in any way. Any reference knife will cope with the set task no worse than its serial counterpart.

Exclusive handmade knives are objects of desire of collectors all over the world. Such a thing is ideally suited as a prestigious gift, which will subsequently cause additional interest in the person to its owner. Ladies should know that any man will be very pleased to receive such a knife which he will proudly display on his desk in office or will always carry with him.  Remember, the formula "A woman can gain a man's love by cooking food he enjoys" became an anachronism in the 21st century. But the dear gift to the heart will always remind your boyfriend about the one who presented it. The owner of an unusual model will never be deprived of attention not only in the community of like-minded people but also people who have a very mediocre attitude to our sphere. It is very appropriate to have an analogy with the car world. Even in a very dense flow of cars you always pay attention to Cadillac Fleetwood model 1958 (Yes, yes, favorite model of "King" Elvis). Absolutely the same effect produces opening an envelope, a parcel or sending your own knife or elegant cutting an apple or an orange for a lady.

Buy a collector's knife made by a world famous master you can in the store "Knives of Mary Stalin." Our specialists in case of need will tell you about exclusive folding knives, hand-made collection knives presented on the site. Rejoice yourself and your loved ones with pleasant non-trivial gifts, along with the knife shop of Maria Stalin. Our team works especially for you!

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