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Tehnopatolog Nu Proto 1/1 Manufactory S&L
Tehnopatolog Nu Proto 1/1 Manufactory…
Technopatolog M Metallic Manufactory S&L
Technopatolog M Metallic Manufactory…
Tehnopatolog M Manufactory S&L
Tehnopatolog M Manufactory S&L

    Technopatolog is the first model of the Manufactory S&L

    It's the first folding knife model developed by Manufactory S&L, a debut product. Technopatolog-M has been created in a batch of 9 samples, each with a unique finish design and personal number.

    The Technopatolog-M custom folder is equipped with a unique Top Roll Lock (TRL), which is a modification of the back lock.

    The handle consists of three parts: a frontal static fragment of the frame, to which a connecting element is fixed, and a detail attached to the connecting element by a hinge with a spring.

    The knife can be brought into the working position in two ways:

    1) Like a standard folder: with your thumb by the hole in the blade.

    2) Author's method: placing the axial part of the knife inside the palm, holding the butt of the blade with the thumb and index finger, and making a resetting movement with the hand. The knife unfolds inertially, under the weight of the handle.

    Easy and smooth deployment is ensured by steel rollers in the design of the lock. This minimizes the wear of structural elements.

    Folding the knife is easy to do with one hand: you need to hold the rocker with your thumb and middle fingers and press your index finger on the butt of the blade. 

    The blade of the Technopatolog is made of Damasteel RWL-34. One of the nine blades has a black DLC (diamond-like) coating, the rest have a tumbling finish. Handle parts are made of 95X18 stainless steel and covered with black DLC. The author's fittings are made of titanium. A number of knives are equipped with a steel clip mounted on an axial screw. The type of clip is tip-down. The design of the lock completely excludes accidental opening of the folder in clothes.

    The Russian folding knife Technopatolog-M can be purchased at the only site in the world — in the online store Knives of Maria Stalina. Author's knives of the Manufactory S&L are a great idea for a useful expensive gift for a person who is passionate about collecting cultural objects of artistic knifemaking.

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47