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Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina Knives

Handmade knives by Nikolai Lomachenkov are well known both in the Russian knife community and abroad. The popularity of Nicholai brought him a special approach, which is to prioritize attention to locking system of a folding knife as the main aesthetic aspect of the product. At the same time there is not much information about Nikolai himself in the network. For those who want to learn some details from the life of the Master and the history of the formation of the Manufacture of Stalina and Lomachenkov, we have prepared this biographical article.

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Lomachenkov was born in Smolensk in 1962. Nikolay's father worked professionally with metal, his uncle and grandfather were really interested in knife culture, often giving each other interesting knives. From a young age, knife aesthetics captured Nicholas’s imagination. The master still remembers the fascinating, hypnotic feeling that filled him when he looked at the steel of the blade, shining like a watery surface. For the child, the knife was neither a weapon, nor a tool, nor a dangerous toy. It was an artifact with mystical attraction and cold, austere beauty.

Nikolay made the first knife with a fixed blade in his father’s garage, completely wiping it from a huge rusty caliper. By file Truly spartan debut! Nicholas was then 14 years old.

After serving in the army, Nikolai got a job at the factory, where he gained valuable experience and knowledge in the field of metal processing.

An important milestone in the life of the Master was the move to Minsk in 1986. Then Nikolai Lomachenkov, taking up martial arts, took a fresh look at knife culture and the principles of knifemaking from the point of view of their applied and combat components. Making training knives and souvenir replicas of traditional weapons, Nikolai improved his skills, experimented and discovered new subtleties of knifemaking.

In 1990, Nicholas made his first folding knife with a lock-liner based on the folder, that he saw in an Italian magazine.

Lomachenkov was pleased with the results of the work, but rather soon he felt that he did not want to repeat and restrict creativity to the framework of popular designs. Not less external aesthetics, the Author attracted the aspect of the mechanical design of a folding knife. Creating his own custom, Nikolay tried to modify the well-known designs of the folders, introducing his own design refinements and aesthetics into them. Author's tricks in the mechanics of locks, intricate ways of opening and folding knives and unusual forms of blades and handles become the “signature handwriting” of the Master.

Nicholas and Maria Stalina met in St. Petersburg in 2015. Maria took over the passion for knife culture from her father and has been collecting knives for more than 10 years, collecting knives from around the world. Maria Stalina successfully collaborates with renowned nail makers and manufacturing companies and regularly participates in the landmark events of the Russian and world-wide party hangout.

Being the head of the online store, Maria set out to create a knife brand and organize her own production of custom knives. Not only did the interests of Maria and Nicholas coincide, but also their special vision of the knife as an art object. Thus began the creative and business tandem, in which Maria is responsible for the organizational aspects of production and sales of products, and also participates in the development of concepts for new models.

Joint project “Manufactory of Nikolai Lomachenkov and Maria Stalina” gained wide popularity in the knife community and is rapidly reaching the international level. Folding knife made in Russia have a stable success and growing popularity abroad. Knives by Stalina&Lomachenkov are no exception. Manufactory win honorary awards and are exhibited at best events of the knife industry.

You can order folding knives of the Manufacture by Stalin and Lomachenkov in the corresponding section of the catalog on the website mariastalina.com

In St. Petersburg and Moscow, you can inspect the goods before purchase. To do this, you must make a preliminary record on the feedback form or by phone. The relevant information is in the Contacts section.


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