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Payments and Shipping

We temporarily do not deliver some of our knives to other countries

How to make an order on Maria Stalina Knives:

1. Product selection

Choose from the site the knife that you're interested in. Click on it. A page will open with a description and characteristics of the selected item with the price and full-size photos. To see some small details you can use Zoom. To do this, click on the picture to enable / disable Zoom.

We have item comparison option on our website. On the pages of the selected products you need to click the button "Add to compare" After that click on the "View" link. You will see a list of product characteristics in a convenient form for comparison.

If the knife has the status "Price on request", click on "Check rates" and fill in the feedback form. After your request store manager will send you information about the price.

Goods with the status "Our collection" is not for sale.

2. Put the goods in the cart

Having found the product you like, click "Add to Cart". Congratulations, the item is in your cart. You can put unlimited number of goods in your cart. All items, offered to your attention, posted on our website in a single copy. Therefore, in the cart you can not change the quantity of goods of one vendor code.

3. Your cart

To place an order, go to the "Cart" section. Icon is located at the top of the site. View its contents. You can remove what you do not need or empty the cart completely.

4. Checkout

To complete the order fill out the form on the page "Cart", choose the method of payment and delivery. After pressing the button "Send order", it will go for registration to our manager, who will call you back or e-mail and clarify all the details of the order.

Please note that the working hours of online store Maria Stalina Knives are Mon.-Fri. 10:00 — 17:00 GMT + 4:00, Moscow MSK. If you made an order on a weekend or a holiday, the manager will contact you on the next working day.

You can also contact the store manager yourself to place an order by calling:

+7 (812) 676-33-47 (Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 17.00 GMT + 4: 00, Moscow MSK.)

Or fill out the feedback form on the page CONTACTS

Enjoy your shopping!



International shipping all over the world is carried out by DHL or any other courier service if it is possible.

Shipping is charged separately.
Ask for the exact cost and delivery time by e-mail: zakaz@mariastalina.com or by phone: +7 (812) 676-33-47 (Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 17.00 GMT + 4: 00, Moscow MSK.)

Our main partner is DHL.




- Cash payment is made at the trade point of the online store Maria Stalina Knives that located at the address: St. Petersburg, Kolomiazhsky Ave. 28, K.3 on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00.

Cashless payments

- Payment by credit card:

We accept payment cards: VISA Inc, MasterCard WorldWide.


Making an order, you must select "Cashless". After confirming the order, you will need to provide your bank card details:
1. card type
2. card number
3. card expiration date (indicated on the front of the card),
4. The name of the card holder (in Latin letters, exactly indicated on the card)
5. CVC2 / CVV2 code

If your card has 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card for the authentication procedure. For information on the rules and methods of additional identification, check with the Bank that issued you a bank card.

The security of processing online payments through a payment gateway is guaranteed by the international PCI DSS security certificate. Information transfer takes place using SSL encryption technology. This information is not available to unauthorized persons.

Tips and recommendations on the necessary security measures for making payments using a bank card:

* Take care of your plastic cards just as you save cash. Do not forget them in the car, restaurant, shop, etc.

* never give your full credit card number to any person or company

* always have on hand a telephone number for emergency contact with the bank that issued your card, and in case of loss, contact the bank immediately

* enter the card details only when making a purchase. Never specify them for any other reason.



There is a cumulative system of discounts in the online-store “Maria Stalina Knives”.

The information about all purchases is stored in the database. As soon as the amount of your purchases exceeds 500,000 rubles, you get a 6% discount on most of the store's items on your next purchases.

This frequent customer’s discount is tied to your personal data for orders, has no time limit, and applied after the order is confirmed.

The standard delivery rules apply during order despite the discount.


Loyalty discount does not apply:

- for some goods (specify when ordering)

- for campaign goods

- in case of double discount. 


You will receive detailed information about the frequent customer’s discount for your order from the manager after the confirmation of purchase.

The amount of your purchases can be found on an individual request by writing a email to: zakaz@mariastalina.com


Attention: We reserve the right to refuse without explanation of the reasons for the sale or viewing of products published on the site.

The information provided on the website is not a public offer.


Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47