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Dragons oval tsuba for wakizashi sword

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Price: $400USD
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This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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Shakudō tsuba with Dragons in Nikubori-ji-sukashi technique

Dragons oval tsuba for wakizashi sword is an antique accessory for a short Japanese sword. Tsuba can hardly be called an analogue of the European guard. Tsuba is an independent work of art. It was manufactured by masters specializing in this craft, passing on the secrets from father to son.

According to the Bushido code, samurai were forbidden to wear body jewelry. Japanese warriors demonstrated their status and style with skillfully decorated sword mountings and scabbards.The Japanese sword not only worked as a weapon but also as an object to show who he was. Tsuba nowadays are collectors' items.

This tsuba is an exquisite work of art from the late 19th century, created for a wakizashi sword. Its surface is adorned with two majestic dragons. These formidable mythical creatures represent power and might in Japanese culture. 

The oval shaped tsuba is made of copper alloy (shakudō tate marugata). The tsuba shows a three-dimensionally (nikubori) interpreted openwork (ji-sukashi) of two dragons — Nobori-Ryu and Kudari-Ryu (mean Rising Dragon and Falling Doragon). The smallest details of the dragons’ skin have been worked out.

The author's signature is missing (mumei).

Dragons oval tsuba for wakizashi sword is a collectible rarity, a delightful sample of carved tsuba, decorated with the main mythical creature of the Far East.

This antique piece of art can be yours.

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    Maria Stalina Knives
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