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Katana Kanesada

Especially guarded sword A katana made by a blacksmith Kanesada 17th century katana Tsuba of katana The scabbard is lacquered with golden crumbs The koshirae made in the Higo style of the Edo era Japanese katana Katana bako (sword box) Katana no tsukuri-komi wa honzukuri blade Symmetrical single-edged blade Master's signature on the nakago Good condition and preservation of a blade Direct hardening Tsuba and habaki Tsuba, seppa and habaki Tsuka gashira - a head of a handle Tsuka - a handle Menuki
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Blade length
692 mm
Especially Worthy of Preservation (Tokubetsu Hozon Token, NBTHK, 1998)
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This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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    Maria Stalina Knives
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