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Tanto Wakasa (no) Kami Ujifusa

A short blade tanto Tanto 16th century Koshirae second half of the Edo period Wakasa (no) Kami Ujifusa - a founder of the Ujifusa blacksmith school Sageo cord for fixing the scabbard on the belt The specially guarded sword NBTHK certificate for a blade Nakago of a blade Blacksmith's signature on the shank Bo-hi is the groove in the blade Monouchi section The curvature of the blade is 3 mm The habaki The tsuka The menuki are ornaments on the tsuka Handle wrapping cord tsuka-ito The signature on the blade of the kozuka knife The kōgai is carried in a saya Pine bark texture scabbard Scabbard in a scattering of palm villi Kogatana and Kogay Kozuka and a spike kogay Koshirae decorated scabbard Paulownia wood sword box (katana bako) A case for a tanto Calligraphic inscription
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Wakasa (no) Kami Ujifusa
Blade length
272 mm
Especially Worthy of Preservation (Tokubetsu Hozon Token, NBTHK, 2014)
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This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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Blade length: 272 mm

Shank (nakago) length: 113 mm

Curvature: 3 mm

Blade width at the base: 28 mm

Blade thickness at the base: 6.3 mm

Shirasaya Length: 425mm

Koshirae Length: 500mm

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