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Andre E. Thorburn L 36L

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This product is being sold in the current condition. Can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos).
250 mm
Blade length
103 mm
233 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,8 mm
Blade material
Damascus Zladinox
Material of the handle
Carbon Fiber
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel engraved by Julien Marchal
Blue Anodized Titanium Liners with Jeweling
Lock type
Liner Lock
Andre E. Thorburn
From a private collection / in excellent condition (like new)
Status: Our collection
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: fabric case.
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L 36L flipper knife with IKBS system

L 36L knife is a custom flipper born in South Africa. Its creator is the famous knifemaker, winner of many awards, Andre Thorburn. The master's works are distinguished by their splendor and sophistication, which does not prevent them from being highly functional knives, ready to work in the field or city.

The L 36L knife is a large tactician with a sophisticated design, a powerful blade. It smoothly slides out of the handle into a working position. The secret of sliding flip is in perfect balance and opening mechanism. See the IKBS branding on the blade? This is the name given to the axle unit ball bearing system invented by Brazilian knifemakers. Thanks to IKBS, the blade flies with extraordinary softness. It is an unforgettable pleasure "for those who understand."

The blade is locked by a titanium spring of an excellent liner lock.

The blade profile refers to the drop-point shape. This shape provides a splendid cut and can handle piercing loads. The soft tones of the Damascus pattern visually lighten the powerful blade, the steels guarantee sharpness and protection against corrosion.

The comfortable, ergonomic handle is a mixture of solemnity and severity. The steel bolster blooms with an engraved floral ornament by Julien Marshal. Black carbon fiber inlays have a soft-touch effect.

If you take a close look at the handle from the spine, you will see an alternation of colors! The black carbon strip is followed by a red fiber spacer, followed by a beautiful liner whose surface is embossed and anodized in blue and lilac. The heart of the composition is a long polished steel backspacer.

The clip looks like a thin milky stream on the carbon background. However, the titanium clip is not a frail one, it reliably holds a weighty tactician on the pocket.

The L 36L is one of the best custom knives you've seen. Mechanics, design — all are perfect. You can put it under glass and blow off the dust, or you can take it on a hike and load it to the fullest. The L 36L will prove to be a tough tactician in practice.

The knife is so beautiful that we have kept it in our collection.

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