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Ferrum Forge & Mike Gavik knife

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This product is being sold in the current condition. Can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos).
218 mm
Blade length
98 mm
159 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,4 mm
Blade material
Stainless Steel, Nitrogen, Z-FitNit
Material of the handle
Handle Finish
Anodized, Milled
Lock type
Frame Lock
Mike Gavik
From a private collection / in excellent condition (like new)
Mid Tech (semi-custom)
Price: $1,240USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author packaging (fabric case, token).
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Ferrum Forge & Mike Gavik — semi-custom with a Z-FiNit blade

The knife is produced in a limited edition of 40 knives. Here is sample number 20 (there is a mark on the handle). The flipper was designed by the famous Slovenian knifemaker Mike Gavik and the idea was realized by the Americans — Elliot & Chris Williamson from Ferrum Forge Knife Works.

The clip-point of the blade catches the eye with a stylish stepped butt that serves as a comfortable thumb rest. The blade is made of expensive American steel Z-FiNit. This high-nitrogen alloy is famous for its excellent cut and corrosion resistance. Steel is also incredibly strong, which is why NASA uses Z-FiNit to make bearings for spacecraft. The finish of the blade is brutal iced wash.

The comfortable handle for the knife is matt blasted and matched to the finish of the blade. Its titanium scales are milled and partially anodized in Marengo color. The ergonomic shape and embossed pattern provide excellent grip. 

The blade opens momentarily, and then it is secured by a reliable frame lock.

Ferrum Forge & Mike Gavik knife is a beautiful and practical semi custom knife with a masculine shabby decor and a blade made of rare space steel. Just one click and the knife is yours.

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