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Les George Harpy Puzzled

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This product is being sold in the current condition. Can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos).
244 mm
Blade length
105 mm
191 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,1 mm
Blade material
Elmax Core San Mai Nichols Damascus
Material of the handle
Blue Anodized Barrel Spacers
Lock type
Frame Lock
Harpy Puzzled
From a private collection / in excellent condition (like new)
Status: Price on request Check rates
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author case.
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Original design on a handle of Harpy Puzzled knife

Harpy Puzzled is a custom folder with impressive dimensions and a confident flip, created by the outstanding American knifemaker Les George

The knife’s name is a pun on “harpy, decorated with puzzles” and “puzzled harpy”. Custom surprises and amazes. The pattern on the handle was engraved, the blade was formed of complex laminate. This custom is devilishly beautiful and extremely functional. It is a great item both for a collection and daily use. 

The move of the opening blade is a breathtaking view. Push the flipper and the impressive blade flies out of the handle as a cannonball. The open knife is fixed tight by a titanium spring of the frame-lock mechanism.

Blade’s shape is a devilish combination of Persian and drop-point blade. The curved spine emphasizes the cutting edge, giving the knife some aggression. Centered point improves functionality: the knife works great both on a straight cut and when you stab. 

Blade’s material will interest any knife lover – it’s famous San-Mai. The manufacturing process took place in the famous American smithy Nichols Damascus. The blade’s core is well-known super clean Elmax steel, which is characterized by good wear and corrosion resistance. On top of the core, there’s a multi-layer Damascus “coat”. Blade’s finish is a matt decoration of the surface, which resembles cooled coals. 

Nail notch and a dimple for fingers on the belly of the ergonomic handle provide secure fixation of the knife and maximum control over it. Stylish engraving, that imitates the puzzle, not only pleases an eye but also betters the fixation.

To make the knife lighter Les George used standoffs instead of a backspacer. This decision refined the construction and brought some bright details to the decoration: the knifemaker covered the standoffs with azure anodizing. 

A wide titanium clip fixates the folder on your pocket tight and treats the fabric with care.

The knife comes with a black zipper case.

Harpy Puzzled is a fabulous author’s flipper, which impresses with its look and pleases with the aggressive cut. Work of Les George’s hands – a companion worth a connoisseur.

The knife is made in a copy of one. Don’t miss the Puzzled Harpy, you can buy the folding Damascus knife right now!

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