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SBW Flipper 95 "Gorynich" Nasgul Customization

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222 mm
Blade length
96 mm
147 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,2 mm
Hardness of the blade
60 HRC
Blade material
Material of the handle
Titanium Tip-up
Handle Finish
Blue Anodized
Lock type
Frame Lock
Flipper 95
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: company packaging (box, fabric case, polishing cloth).
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Iconic flipper 95 in the Gorynich serpent body

*Gorynich is a dragon-like serpent from Russian’s fairy tales.

The Nasgul Workshop with Vadim Shaikhitdinov in the lead made a fantastic gift to all the admirers of the Shirogorov Brothers Workshop. The iconic “Flipper 95” was given individual décor and therefore exclusivity. That is how one of the best serial folding EDC knives of modern days became a unique “Gorynich”.

The serpentish knife came out bright and festive. The 3D titanium scales with the azure anodizing are glowing like a fresh spring sky. The new decoration brought some playful notes to the SBW’s ascetic design with no reduction of functionality. On the contrary, the textured surface of the handle makes the grip on even a wet hand only better.

There are legends to be told about the SBW’s bearings. A gentle push on a flipper and the blade flies out of the handle like a bullet. The open knife is controlled by the frame mechanism, the spring of which is covered with a “shield” of hardened steel.

Cogent drop point blade with full-width bevels is crafted out of premium European powder steel Elmax, which features high corrosion resistance, holds the edge sharpness for a long time, and is easy to sharp. 

The softened matt blade finish sets off the juicy décor of the titanium scales, bevels’ finish harmonizes with the SBW’s characteristic hardware. The ergonomic handle lies perfectly in a palm and doesn’t hurt a hand when you work with the knife for a long period of time.

Backspacer was removed from the design to ease knife cleaning and reduce its weight. 

You will immediately recognize the author by the pocket clip’s lines. The clip fixes the knife securely on your pocket and doesn’t do any damage to the fabric. 

The folder comes with a branded canvas bag from Nasgul Workshop and a cloth with the Shirogorov Brothers Workshop logo on it.

Flipper 95 Gorynich represents the quality of famous EDC knives from SBW clothed in an outfit of a Russian dragon. It is a customized folder with a unique outlook, powerful flip, and a sharp blade from elite steel. It would be a great partner for your adventures!

Catch a mysterious beast! Get the legendary customized “Flipper 95”. You deserve it.

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