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Nesterenko & Khokhlov Morpho

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219 mm
Blade length
97 mm
114 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,2 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
CF, Titanium
Lock type
From the manufacturer / New
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: case, certificate.
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The Darkness of carbon and splashes of timascus 

The custom flipper Morpho is the epitome of style and elegance. The knife was created by a collaboration of talented Ukrainian authors: SICAC laureate Oleksii Nesterenko and Evgeny Khokhlov.

The custom knife Morpho is the perfect embodiment of the great idea. Every detail of the knife is an impeccable part of a flawless composition. There will be 50 Morpho knives only, but none of them will copy the decoration of fellows.

Ukrainian knifemakers’ creation is a magnificent item for completing the collection of author's knives. Morpho will fit well in the role of costume flipper too. The knife that weighs 114 grams won’t burden even a thin cloth trousers’ pocket.

A neat, barely protruding flipper with a notch gives the blade a swift flip when being pushed. Multi-row bearings provide smooth and quick blade’s run. The liner lock’s titanium spring fixes tight the unfolded blade.

The knife’s shape is beautiful and quaint. Here it seems the spine curved as a Persian, but it thought over, it left into the clip-point and hardly reached a sickle’s curvature. The blade is made of premium M390 powder steel. The creation of the Swedish-Austrian concern Bohler-Uddeholm enters into the top of steels on the duration of the safety of sharpness. Besides, M390 takes a mirror finish very well. You can find it on a cutting edge and a swedge. Flats and bevels feature a hand-rubbed satin finish.

The ergonomic handle plays with all the shades of the evening sky. Black marble carbon shimmers on scales and lengthened backspacer, purple color of anodized hardware shines quietly, the titanium liner is anodized to azure color. And suddenly there are fireworks of colors on bolster and clip! This celebration of color is due to the timascus, the titanium Damascus.

The knife comes with a black leather case with blue stitching and a certificate signed by Oleksii Nesterenko, that you will find in the case’s pocket.

The custom knife Morpho is an exquisite product of knifemaking, created by the original artist with love and respect for its work and future owner of the flipper. Have you been looking for perfection? You’ve found it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this knife now as prices on Oleksii Nesterenko’s products are constantly getting higher.

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