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Reese Weiland Raptor

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This product is being sold in the condition in which it is, can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos).
233 mm
Blade length
95 mm
243 g
Thickness in the forehead
5 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Finishing the blade
Hand Rubbed Satin
Handle Finish
Orange Peel
Reese Weiland
Lock type
Frame Lock
From a private collection / in excellent condition (like new)
Price: $3,180USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: fabric case.
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Author’s prototype of Raptor model 

Raptor is a custom tactical knife from the famous American knife maker Reese Weiland. Minimalistic décor accentuates the flipper’s powerful form which pleases the eyes of brutal style appreciators.

This knife is a tasty morsel for a collector. Look inside the handle, and you will find the author’s initials and PROTO engraved on the inner surface of the backspacer. That’s right, this is the first among Raptors – the model's prototype!

Custom’s functionality is no less than its collectible value. This tool does not fear hard work. The knife’s wide blade and strong titanium handle withstand loads unbearable for light suit EDC. There’s a reason this model is called Raptor carnivorous dinosaur.

The knife features a bullet-speed flip. The heavy blade obediently flies out of the handle as soon as you push a comfortable flipper lever. The flight ends with a clicking sound – that’s the sign the frame lock mechanism has done its job and tightly fixed the blade in the open position.

We should thank a flawless pivot bearing for a smooth flip. The titanium spring of the reliable frame lock controls an open knife.

The powerful multi-functional bowie blade shape was crafted out of American powder steel CPM154. This steel grade is of high strength and corrosion resistance, it also maintains the edge. CPM 154 was made for high loads, a blade produced from this material is almost never dying. The blade features a handmade longitudinal satin finish.

“Raptor’s” handle is a triumph of titanium. Liner, backspacer, pocket clip – all made of this light and highly strong material. The handle is extremely ergonomic and aesthetic at the same time.

The pocket clip is simple and comfortable, it is securely attached to the handle by 3 screws. Pocket clip excellently clips the knife to your pocket and does not ruffle denim.

The knife comes with a synthetic case.

Reese Weiland Raptor is an excellent, brutal custom longing for hard use. It is a great choice for a collector of custom tactical knives and a lover of hard men’s work and practical use of high-quality tools with a soul.

This fearsome dinosaur is a part of Maria Stalina Knives’ collection, but you will be most likely interested in its twin brother Reese Weiland Raptor Metallic. Try to find 10 differences :-)

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