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Rike Knife multi tool Slingshot

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216 mm
Blade length
89 mm
208 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,8 mm
Material of the handle
Aluminum alloy
Blade material
Lock type
Sniper Eagle
Saw length
100 mm
Strap cutter lenght
83 mm
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: company packaging (box, fabric case, rubber, leather pad).
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Slingshot — a knife, a slingshot, a saw, and a strap cutter

The Chinese manufacturer Rike Knife produces high-tech knives, tactical and writing instruments. They've already become confident and serious competitors to colleagues from Europe and America. Their knives are no inferior to the famous Western companies in terms of mechanics and quality of materials, and the price pleases fans of knife making. Having built a solid reputation, the company entered the multitool market with confidence and style.

The Slingshot Knife is what the classics called "a fruitful debut idea" — a lightweight multifunctional tool designed for survival in extreme conditions, with a function extremely atypical for folding knives. The Slingshot Knife cuts excellently cords and wood, skillfully planes. But this is not the main thing, with the help of this multitool you can entertain yourself with target shooting. Yes, yes, this amazing multitool allows you to solve problems remotely. How? One of his tools is a slingshot!

The multitool has an impeccably thought-out design. Each pull-out element is securely locked protecting your hands during use. The handle is formed from anodized 7075 aluminum alloy in wet asphalt color. The long, grippy clip helps to conveniently position the tool on trousers or in a backpack pocket.

It is difficult to say which of the functions is central to this tool. Is it a traditional knife blade, or innovatively a slingshot? In the name of the knife, the first number is the slingshot! Indeed, for us, this is the first and so far the only knife with such functionality. Not everyone will guess the purpose of the intricate elements of the multitool, in the folded position resembling the forgotten optical instrument of the 18-19 centuries — the lorgnette. We spread the "lorgnette glasses" in different directions until the lock clicks. We got a reliable skeleton of a throwing tool. The elastic part of the slingshot is strong rubber harnesses, connected to each other by a leather holder for a projectile. Slightly stretch the straps and pass it through the thin slots of the "lorgnette glasses" to securely attached them. We have received a wonderful and compact tool for throwing metal balls or small stones.

The knife blade in the open position is blocked by a liner mechanism. The 9 cm drop point blade is made from VG-10, Japanese high carbon steel designed specifically for the knife industry. This alloy is good for aggressive cuts and has high corrosion resistance.  The blade's decor is matte stonewash.

The metal button with the logo is responsible for locking two more tools: a sharp sling cutter, which can also be used as an additional blade, and saws with double-row.

The set includes a convenient nylon case and a branded box.

The Slingshot Sniper Eagle is a great partner for camping, in the garage, or on vacation. A practical, technologically flawless, multifunctional tool made of quality materials. It is a great gift for an active person. And all this at an extremely affordable price!

Just one click — and you will have a knife, an excellent slingshot, a saw, and a sling cutter in your hands!

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