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Spyderco C01 Worker

Folding Knife Spyderco C01 Worker Santa Fe Stoneworks Customization Rare custom EDC knife Spyderco C01 Worker in the online store Maria Stalina Knives The blade of the Spyderco C01 Worker folding knife is made in the Japanese city of Seki EDC Spyderco C01 Worker Folder with Back Lock The ergonomic handle of Spyderco C01 Worker made of stainless steel is decorated with a shimmering mosaic of mother-of-pearl on one side Spyderco CO1 Worker Santa Fe Stoneworks Folding Knife for Collector
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This product is being sold in the current condition. Can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos).
168 mm
Blade length
72 mm
110 gr
Thickness in the forehead
3 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Stainless Steel
Finishing the blade
Stainless Steel
Lock type
Back Lock
Santa Fe Stoneworks
From a private collection / in good condition, has some nuances
Price: $500USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: transportation case.
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Spyderco C01 Worker Santa Fe Stoneworks.

Spyderco C01 Worker is an immortal classic born in 1981. The first production model of the folding knife of the now super-popular brand. We bring to your attention his art version — customization from the cult workshop from New Mexico. An icon of the American (and world!) knife construction, the first knife with a clip in an individual design with a unique number is a rare thing.
The biography of C01 Worker is tattooed on its surface. On the blade we see the birthplace of the holder — the Japanese city of Seki — the capital of the knife industry of the Land of the Rising Sun. On the steel handle is the name of the customizer: Santa Fe Stoneworks and a unique number in the series — a beautiful number -101. The patent number is on the clip. Spyderco was the first to adapt the clip to the knife, which been patented.
The branded round hole allows you to conveniently unfold the folder, and the Back Lock provides reliable fixation and easy removal of the lock.
C01 Worker – can be considered the ancestor of EDC knife manufacturing. The first one-handed folding knife of modest size, with a convenient attachment on the pocket and a universal blade shape for cutting and pricking with a serreytor sharpening is the quintessence of style. The comfortable ergonomic stainless steel handle is decorated with a shimmering mosaic of mother-of-pearl on one side.
Spyderco CO1 Worker Santa Fe Stoneworks is a luxury find for a collector.
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