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TAD Edition Hinderer Knives Half Track

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170 mm
Blade length
70 mm
128 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,3 mm
Blade material
Finishing the blade
Flat Grind
Material of the handle
Handle Finish
Stone Wash
Lock type
Frame Lock
Half Track
Hinderer Knives
From the manufacturer / New
Limited Edition
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: company box.
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Small EDC Knife Half Track by Triple Aught Design & Hinderer Knives

Half Track is a limited edition EDC knife created for the TAD Edition by American knifemaker Rick Hinderer. Rick is not a supporter of "bows and frills", his knives are strict and bold. They are hard workers, hardy and strong, built for fieldwork.

The knife has a small size and great capabilities. There are no camping tasks that the compact Half Track would not cope with.

The knife has a flipper and a frame lock.

The multi-grind blade has a masculine and functional profile with a short fuller for balance, and a thumb notch for a confident cut. It's made of new American S35VN steel. It was specially developed for knifemaking, it holds excellent sharpness, has high anti-corrosion properties, and has incredible strength. The finish of the blade is stylish and practical stonewashed finish.

The light titanium handle is decorated with a tumbling. 

The textured surface, curvation for the index finger makes the handle extraordinarily ergonomic and convenient. 

The design of the clip follows the common style and merges with the frame. Steel hardware brights the surface.

It comes with a branded packaging. Half Track is the ideal knife for a man of action. The stonewashed finish and the strong blade makes it practical and sturdy EDC.

You can buy Triple Aught Design knives with delivery. Maria Stalina Knives store works with clients from all over the world. Just click on the button below the photo.

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