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Wilson Combat Eagle

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196 mm
Blade length
81 mm
174 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,6 mm
Blade material
CTS XHP Stainless
Material of the handle
Lock type
Frame lock
From the manufacturer / New
Mid Tech (semi-custom)
Price: $760USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author case, lanyard bead.
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The tactical knife Eagle with the American steel blade

The Eagle semi-custom flipper knife came to life as the result of the collaboration of two American legends. Wilson Combat and knifemaker Les George.

This highly functional tactician is suitable for hard skidding in extreme conditions and also for solving everyday tasks. Its mechanics are impeccable. The design makes it easy to clean the knife after use.

The flight of the Eagle is impetuous. Lightning-fast deployment is achieved by Teflon bearings installed by Les in the axis. The open knife securely fixes the titanium spring of the frame lock.

The clip-point blade is made of American CTS XHP steel. This grade has extremely high hardness parameters 62-64 HRc, but at the same time, it is not prone to chipping. This blade is built to work hard. The surface finish is light matte stonewash.

The titanium handle also was stonewashed. The scales are decorated with an embossed Starburst — Wilson Combat's branded pattern, imitating star rays. The ribbed surface texture in combination with the ergonomic shape ensures a secure grip.

Light and thin design turned the Eagle into a handy pocket knife. The wide, long clip carefully and securely attaches the tactician to the trousers. You are not in danger of losing it.

The knife comes with a branded lanyard decorated with a plastic bead and a black case with the logo.

The Wilson Combat Eagle is a universal tactician that feels confident both in the wild and in the city. The knife is unpretentious in maintenance, it is perfect for a connoisseur of high functionality and courageous decor.

Catch the American Eagle! You can buy the Eagle knife in one click!

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