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Zero Tolerance 0999CF

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245 mm
Blade length
101 mm
182 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,5 mm
Blade material
СTS 204P, D2, Carbon Fiber
Material of the handle
Titanium, Carbon Fiber
Lock type
Frame Lock
Limited Edition
Status: Our collection
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: company box, certificate.
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American-Made Knife of the Year: Zero Tolerance 0999

Zero Tolerance 0999 got the award the Knife of the Year from the Blade show in 2015. This powerful tactic destroys patterns: carbon fiber into the blade and a high backspacer. This knife under No. 159 from limited edition.

ZT 0999 EDC knife has exquisite design and  hi-tech appearance. The stylish looks make the 0999 CF the perfect companion for the city dandy, and the limited editions make the flipper a collector's treat.

KVT ball-bearing opening system is a patented system. It gives the knife a light, fluttering flip. The frame lock ensured the blade from accidental collapse. A titanium spring of the lock is reinforced with a removable detail made of hardened steel.

The second patent belongs to a complex flipper blade, which is made of three premium materials. The extraordinarily strong and corrosion-resistant CTS-204P steel is hardened to 64 HRC and keeps the cutting edge for an incredibly long time. It completed by an insert from American D2 and an inlay of black silky carbon fiber. The butt of the blade has a notch for the thumb, and the bevels are covered with transverse satin.

The third patent refers to the original backspacer. Its titanium and carbon construction seems to float above the handle, making the design visually lighter.

The duet of matted titanium and carbon fiber continues on the dies, while the black anodized hardware supports the color composition. The 0999 CF handle is extremely organic and gives the hand full control over the knife.

The surface of the scales is covered with a relief pattern imitating a feather. The same grooves are on a neat and tenacious clip, which securely and carefully attaches a large knife to the pocket.

Comes with a branded box and a certificate confirming that it belongs to the limited edition.

0999 CF is a knife for those who are not afraid of competition and bold forms. It is worth showing it to your friends, and you will find yourself in the spotlight. Some will congratulate you, others will envy you, there will not only be indifferent people.

This Blade Show winner is part of the store's personal collection, but we are ready to give you another winner — 0888 Maxamet.

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