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ZT 0888 MAX Maxamet

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This product is being sold in the condition in which it is, can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos).
231 mm
Blade length
96 mm
220 g
Thickness in the forehead
4 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Lock type
0888 MAX
Number of pieces in the series
From a private collection / in excellent condition (like new)
Limited Edition
Status: Our collection
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: company packaging (box, manual).
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Limited knife ZT 0888 MAX with Maxamet blade

The tactical flipper from the American brand Zero Tolerance is black and solid. The knife of the year in 2012 has been awarded to model 0888 at the most prestigious show of knifemakers — Blade Show in Atlanta. The knife has undeniable collectible value and functions required by a tactician.

Here is the chosen one, a limited edition of the winning model, made of super-premium Maxamet steel. There are only 250 knives in the world, this one bears the number "36", which is inflicted on the blade.

The steel mark is also inflicted on the blade — and for good reason. Maxamet is a miracle of American metallurgy, its hardness reaches the unimaginable 67-68 HRC, which translated into human language means "the blade retains its sharpness for an infinitely long time." The downside of hardness is extreme difficulty in processing. That is why Maxamet knives are extremely rare. The cutting edge performs well during loads. The steel is coated with a black DLC, which provides additional protection against corrosion.

The high-quality ball bearings of the axle give the ZT 0888 MAX a clear and fast flip. The open knife is fixed by a reliable frame mechanism. The lock is equipped with a steel detail, without which the Maxamet blade would have chewed a titanium spring. The ZT designers have made this detail removable, so if it gets worn out, you can easily replace it.

The design of the blade and handle are united by the DLC. The fuller runs parallel to the cutting edge and continues in the relief of the scales. All parts of the ergonomic handle, including the backspacer and a clip, are made of high-quality titanium.

The pocket clip seems incredible, but this stylish miniature triangle perfectly fixes the knife to the pocket, and the clip also respects the fabric.

The knife comes with a branded box with a manual and a spare clip

Limited edition tactical ZT 0888 MAX with serial number 0036 is not intended for sale, as it is included in the store's personal collection.

But we are ready to give you its twin brother, issued under the number 0082.

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