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Barber Cheese Bronze Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Barber Cheese Bronze Nikolai Lomachenkov…
$2,100 USD
Mini Barber Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Mini Barber Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
Price on request
Mini Barber Cheese Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Mini Barber Cheese Nikolai Lomachenkov…
Barber Cheese Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Barber Cheese Nikolai Lomachenkov &…
Barber Maya Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Barber Maya Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
Barber Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Barber Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…

    Barber – folder, inspired by a straight razor

    The inventor of a t-shaped shaving razor had no idea what kind of favor he was doing to a straight razor when promoting his product as a safe one compared to its predecessor. Open razor became “dangerous” and that made it so much cooler, movie paraphernalia and there you go – a barbershop on every corner.

    Back in the day, handles of a straight razor were decorated as much as expensive knife handles, even if concave blades for a long time might only be razor’s blades. In sum, a straight razor is a historic stylish item with a brutal spirit and aesthetics of a folding knife. It won’t suit though as an EDC accessory (if it’s not your professional tool) and hardly can replace a full-fledged pocket knife.

    Working on Barber’s design we were looking to create a unique folding knife with cut-throat razor aesthetics and the utility features of an everyday gentleman’s folder.

    Knife-razor Barber has a concave beveled blade. Obviously the cutting edge of a knife blade is thicker than the razor’s due to the knife’s main purpose – a knife must cut. Have no doubt, Barber can do it and do it great. We choose our suppliers carefully and work directly with reliable providers such as Damasteel AB, Vegas Forge, Chad Nichols Damascus.

    Blade and handle of a Barber are decorated with the inlays of different materials and designs. For example, Barber Maya has Mayan glyphs on it. This item, by the way, was nominated as “Best Folding Knife” and brought us a reward at Helsinki Knife Show 2018.

    This knife’s lock system is called Down-shift Lock (DSL). It has been patented by its author Nickolay Lomachenkov.

    You can only buy this art-folder on Maria Stalina Knives website. Each of our products comes with a warranty. You can see any item you liked with your own eyes in our showroom. Please book a visit to do so. For further information visit the Contacts section.

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47