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Cyrax Gladio Damascus 2/2 Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax Gladio Damascus 2/2 Lomachenkov…
Price on request
Cyrax 3/3 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax 3/3 Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
Price on request
Cyrax Gladio 1/10 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax Gladio 1/10 Nikolai Lomachenkov…
Cyrax Jr. Proto Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax Jr. Proto Nikolai Lomachenkov…
Cyrax Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina…

    Cyrax is folding custom knife by Nikolai Lomachenkov and Maria Stalina, equipped with a very remarkable mechanism.

    The frame of the knife is designed in such a way that the blade slides like on rails while opening the knife. In the closed position, the wedge is clamped between the rail frame and the presser keypad with the clip.

    The blade of a symmetrical dagger form has a section in the form of a pyramid. On the flat inside is relief pattern. On the outside of the blade is a dow, along which the shaft moves in the end of the keypad. When the lock is opening shaft rolls over the ricasso of the blade, having clicked, jumps off the heel of the blade and propels it into the lock. Wedge is opened from the lock by pressing the keypad with your finger through the hole in the frame.

    Locking system was named Glissando-Lock from a musical reception, based on the gliding of the hand on the fretting of a stringed instrument or piano keys.

    P.S. They said in social networks, the model of Cyrax impressed the English-speaking community of knife-worshipers, provoking in many a staunch association with the protagonists of the game and film-making Assassin's Creed.

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47