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Barber Maya Manufactory S&L

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197 mm
Blade length
88 mm
131 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,6 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
95Х18, Bronze
Lock type
Down-Shift-Lock (DSL)
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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Custom folding knife Barber Maya with author's lock

Exclusive folding knife Barber Maya by Manufactory S&L with author's lock Down-shift Lock (DSL).

Barber combines the elegant forms of old blade razors and the ergonomics of a practical urban folding knife. The mechanic of a knife is unusual, effective and at the same time simple.

The blade is made of steel RWL-34 (Damasteel). The frame is made of 95H18 steel. Both with stonewashed finish. The spine of a blade has satin finish. There is a bronze fine insert in the tang. 

Bronze inserts with symbols stylized as Maya writing are placed in a handle. These glyphs illustrate the proverb: “The one who does good rises uphill, the one who does evil slides into the abyss”. There are four glyphs depicting the fate of the “doing good” on the left scale. Respectively, the second part of the proverb is illustrated with four characters on the right side. The glyphs were designed by our Manufacture. The casting and manual finishing of the ornament was carried out by a jeweler Maxim Ryabkov from St. Petersburg.

According to its creative concept, Maria Stalina Knives project represents the knife as art, sees the best examples of EDC knives as art objects. This Barber won the Best Folding Knife award at the 2018 Helsinki Knife Show.

Comes with: the certificate of authenticity signed by the Master, a wrench tool for pivot screw and a branded box.

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    Maria Stalina Knives
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