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Borziy Comanche Ti Manufactory S&L
Borziy Comanche Ti Manufactory S&L
Borziy Comanche thumbstud Manufactory S&L
Borziy Comanche thumbstud Manufactory…

    The knife Borziy Comanche inspired by helicopter 

    The Borziy Comanche is a bold and smart custom knife from a limited batch of ten samples. At the same time, each folder is created manually and has its original decor.

    The predatory lines of the Borziy Comanche model are inspired by the legendary American RAH-66 Comanche helicopter. The author's custom engineering gives the owner many ways to open it. The brutal finish is manual grinding and tumbling.

    The clip-point profile shape of the blade terrific performs in straight cuts and point loads. A through-hole on the titanium handle imitates the tail rotor of the Comanche, designed on the principle of a fenestron.

    The blade is made of premium powder steel RWL-34. High-carbon steel of the Swedish concern Damasteel perfectly holds the cutting edge, hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance. A wide fuller runs the entire length of the blade, emphasizing its aggressive shape. The notch on the butt serves to stop the finger during the cut. And a similar texture on the heel makes opening the knife as comfortable as possible.

    About engineering. At first glance, the open blade is fixed with a steel spring of a standard liner lock. However, in the author's performance, the popular mechanism has been improved. The locking ball of the Borziy Comanche is not pressed into the liner, but, outside of tradition, into the blade. The original engineering solution made it possible to increase the diameter of the ball, and this provided additional opening methods: normal and reverse flip, opening by a ledge with corrugation on the blade, and this is not the whole list. The folder is easy to open with one hand from any type of grip.

    The ergonomic shape of the titanium handle is decorated with milling, the geometry of the lines of which creates an allusion to the Art Deco style. Textured hardware brings the design to the verge of steampunk.

    The backspacer of the knife is also made of titanium and ends with a stylish triangular lanyard hole.

    Thanks to the steel clip, the custom sits comfortably on the pocket.

    The Borziy Comanche is a custom with the author's design, perfect mechanics, and stylish decor. A pleasure for the hand, a feast for the eye. A collector's item and a great partner in daily adventures.

    The number of knives is limited. Hurry up to get into the top ten!

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47