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Candiru Siska mother-of-pearl Manufactory S&L

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173 mm
Blade length
75 mm
89 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,8 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Handle Finish
White metal, mother-of-pearl inlays, engraving
Lock type
Back Shift Lock + (BSL +)
From the manufacturer / New
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: casket, certificate, microfiber.
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The knife is made by five Masters

The knife of your dreams. Our mini art folder Candiru is named after a small catfish — one of the most fearsome and ferocious fish in the Amazon. There are several reasons for this. The first is that the locking pin is held tightly to the handle, just as a candiru catfish in the victim's body cannot be removed without surgery. The second is that a small knife in skillful hands can be as dangerous as a tiny demon of the Amazon. The third is that the shape of the folder resembles the body of a predatory fish.

Now about the features of the artifact. The complex design of Nikolay Lomachenkov's author's Back Shift Lock + has no analogs. To open the blade, you need to loosen the lock by sliding the lever located on the axial screw towards you. Then, using the pin pressed in the heel of the blade, turn the blade 180 degrees. In this case, the pin falls into a special groove in the frame. Continue to pull the pin towards you till the dead-end of the slot. The construction will be fixed by moving the axial locking lever away from you. As a result, we have a structure that can be folded either by the author's method or by destroying the handle. The reliability of fastening the blade in the working position is not inferior to a knife with a fixed blade. To fold the blade, we repeat all operations in reverse order.

Someone will say: why are these difficulties, why the frame or liner lock is not used? Let us explain: we set ourselves the goal of creating an art object, a man's toy, which will delight the owner with its unusual design and presentable appearance while retaining the full functionality of a folding knife. Candiru can be played like a fidget, endlessly opening and closing the blade. This knife is undoubtedly the most interesting object for discussion in a men's company, this is one-off thing is the joy and pride of a collector.

The knife is luxuriously decorated and looks bright, much more imposing than a small nondescript fish. The Wharncliffe-shaped blade is adorned with a contoured stonewash fuller that adds a swift edge to the entire piece. The flats have a satin finish, bevels are polished in a "matte mirror". The blade is made of Swedish powder steel RWL-34. In general, it looks aggressive and brutal.

The handle mother-of-pearl inlays is engraved. The central part of the composition, which gave the second name to the knife, is made of noble white metal. Yes, yes, the eyes do not deceive you, this is the sacred form of the part of the female figure that is especially appreciated by men. So to say "always in the palm" ))).

The packaging of the little bully deserves a separate description. This is a box made in the traditional technique of lacquer miniature from the village of Kholuy, Russian. The sketch was prepared by our friend Vitaly Ilyin (known to many as an artist Barandash). The casket is hand-painted by the craftsmen of the Kholuy Art Factory of Lacquer Miniatures by special order of the S&L manufactory. At the end of the description, we note that the product can be called the Work of Five Masters: Knifemaker, Jeweler, Engraver, Artist, Miniaturist. In addition to the knife and the box, a microfiber napkin and a certificate are included.

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