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Geidu King and Jester Manufactory S&L
Geidu King and Jester Manufactory S&L
Geidu Damascus Manufactory S&L
Geidu Damascus Manufactory S&L
Geidu Manufactory S&L
Geidu Manufactory S&L

    An elegant reincarnation of a Finnish knife in Geidu's model

    Geidu is a custom folding knife from Manufactory S&L based on various Finnish Puukko knives. A classic blade shape with a straight butt, and a straight handle, got less weight and increased the convenience of carrying it in your pocket. The width of the handle is slightly larger than the historical prototype, keeping the concept close to the original. The name of the knife is connected to the beliefs of the Sami — the indigenous people of Lapland. In the language, the word "geidu" means shamans and sorcerers.

    Some of the blades have the predominantly pattern of Damascus from Damasteel AB, Sweden. However, the material of other blades may change in the future. The thumb stud on the blade is made of black carbon fiber.

    The handle is made of anodized titanium with engraved ornament in the form of an ancient labyrinth on the Kola Peninsula. There are also depicted the logo of the Manufactory S&L and the coordinates of the St. Petersburg workshop on the handle.

    The hardware is made of titanium with black DLC (Diamond Like Coating). The washer of the axial screw is milled in concentric circles. The screws are made for the author's wrench tool.

    The mechanism of the normal Geidu knives is an improved liner-lock with a push-button assist.

    The owner of the knife Geidu is in for a pleasant surprise: each item hides secret glyphs.

    In addition, based on the Geidu model, we have developed custom-engraved concept knives. The Geidu knife “The King and the Jester” was made based on the humorous plastics of Svetlin Stefanov, in collaboration with engraver Oleg Pas and jeweler Maxim Ryabkov. Those kinds of work may vary in materials and structural elements.

    It's not easy to find Manufactory S&L knives in the sale. Due to their rarity, collectors don't separate from them. Our website presents a wide range of author's products with a warranty.

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47