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Insider Proto 1/1 Manufactory S&L
Insider Proto 1/1 Manufactory S&L

    Insider is a folder with a new patented lock system

    Model Insider is novelty of the Manufactory S&L with the unique author’s “Insider Lock”, reliable as an accurate mechanism and poetic as an artwork. The copyright on Insider Lock is held on the grounds of patent application for invention.

    The knife opens with an original double-sided decorative thumb button, which works as a thumb stud and is placed on the spine. You would find the handle structure start moving and the inner steel frame peeking out from the outer titanium one when opening the knife. Backspacer works as a spring, pulling frames one towards another.

    Smooth blade opening stops with a click – a signal of a remarkable Insider Lock engineering system having completed its job of fixing the blade. Details of the author’s mechanism are placed in a complex frame and on the tang. Firmly locked folder’s blade is a result of magic interaction of inner grooves and rollers. To close the knife you should take it with 2 fingers (thumb and middle finger) by the notches on the handle and push the thumb washer with your index finger.

    The prototype’s blade is made of premium-quality Swedish steel RWL-34 and the handle is made of strong titanium. The manufacturer considers Insider Lock invention as a great success and has plans of producing several small-scale custom batches of Insider models, which will be different in their design, decoration and materials.

    Insider is a knife for everyday use with an engineering peculiarity, a custom folder that contains a part of the author’s soul and still keeps the warmth of his hands. This novelty of the Manufactory S&L is suitable for both collectors and practical folding knives lovers.

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47