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The knife Insider Run 2 5/5 Manufactory S&L

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198 mm
Blade length
95 mm
115 gr
Thickness in the forehead
3,5 mm
Blade material
Hardness of the blade
63,3 HRC
Material of the handle
Lock type
Insider Lock
From the manufacturer / New
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold weapon.
Comes with: branded box, certificate, microfiber.
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Manufacture caliber Insider Run 2 signature 5/5.

Is it really just a folding knife? Yes, it's a folding knife! No, it's not simple! Insider by Manufactory S&L is an absolutely out of the ordinary thing and, nevertheless, a knife of everyday use. This ergonomic, compact folding knife has a complex design and stands out for its many engineering and design highlights. The main feature of the Insider is the unique author's lock Insider Lock (has a patent for the invention).

How does this miracle work?

The blade is put out from the handle by the original openwork washer attached to its butt. Smoothly rotating the blade around the axial screw, you see how the handle structure comes to life, showing you the mechanical dance of its details: the inner steel frame mischievously peeks out from under the outer titanium one, through the slotted decor of the handle, the mutual movements of the blade and frames are visible. A pleasant click completes the 180 — degree turn of the blade, signaling its fixation. Simultaneously with this sound, the ballet of multidirectional movements of unusual folding parts ends. The result of the interaction of a pair of groove and roller, which are part of the locking mechanism, is the locking of the blade of the folder. The palm gripping the handle adds to the reliability of fixing the blade.

The rear backspaser acts as a spring that attracts the components of the handle to each other. To close the knife, hold it with your thumb and middle finger by the perforated grooves in the handle, decorated with the same pattern as the washer-peg, and press the butt of the blade with your index finger. There is a special pause halfway through the movement of the blade for safety and pleasant tactile sensations. Such a knife represents its owner as a searching, extraordinary person, striving for new things and appreciating the unusual.

We would recommend it like this: "A complicated construction for not simple guys"

Difficult mechanics (it took several years for the technological preparation of the product), high manufacturing accuracy, attention to detail, hand finishing and assembly ... Yes, an Insider is not a cheap toy. However, the purchase of such a work is a trump investment venture. This knife is from the category of curiosities in the knife art, the price increase for such knives resembles the growth of bamboo in dynamics, and the interest in them will compete with the pyramids in terms of stability.


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