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Kalpa B.Fancy Manufactory S&L

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208 mm
Blade length
88 mm
Thickness in the forehead
3,4 mm
121 gr
Blade material
Damascus Steel
Material of the handle
Lock type
CFR (Compression Frame Reverse Lock)
From the manufacturer / New
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: casket, certificate, microfiber.
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Manufacture caliber Kalpa B.Fancy.

The manufacture caliber of the basic (B) design of this artifact is made in premium materials, therefore it was awarded the Fancy extension in the name, which indicates its sophistication.
Kalpa, in the tradition of Hinduism, is the day of Brahma, consisting of 4.32 billion human years.
The design of the Kalpa is based on straight lines and angles. The clear, clean shape of the handle is decorated with a stylized image of the eternal bird – raven, made in the technique of slotted harimono. The branded axial heads are polished into a mirror.
A Damascus steel blade is always a unique product. Even among the details made of the same pattern material, you can't find two identical ones – the drawing of each is always individual. The strict blade combining the features of tanto and wharncliffe, is decorated with a geometric combination of micro fullers, giving it great impetuosity. When the blade is folded, the lever for its opening almost does not protrude beyond the border of the handle. At the same time, with that ergonomic stays on top, from a light press the blade quickly takes the working position. The flipper does not spoil the overall aesthetics of the knife with an extra detail, and the risk of damage to the pocket is reduced to zero.
The swift shapes of the handle and clips are formed from timascus. Did you know that the name "Timascus" is the name of a trademark, not a material? This name has long and firmly entered the everyday life of knifemakers, becoming the generally accepted name of Titanium Damascus. However, Timascus is a trademark of a specific titanium composite created in 2001 in the USA using a technology similar to the manufacture of Damascus steel. Note that this is only one of the trademarks under which titanium damascus is known (Moku-Ti, Zla-Ti, etc. are also quite common) Timascus allows you to reproduce on its surface a contrasting color pattern resembling the texture of wood or natural stone. Knifemakers all over the world highly appreciate this material and use it to make the most expressive details of the knife. During heat treatment/anodizing, different grades of titanium included in the composite acquire different colors, creating bright and unique color patterns. The masters of the Manufactory S&L had to put enough effort and spend a lot of time to come to the palette of colors that made the handle of the Kalpa Fancy truly exquisite. Each handle made of timascus has an individual pattern and is therefore unique. The handle feels great in the hand when the blade is folded, but when it is unfolded, it grows directly into the palm of your hand, and you don't want to let it out! The clip is so organically integrated into the concept of the knife that it practically merges with the handle externally.
The kalpa carries on board an intricate CFR lock (Compression Frame Reverse) with specific features — the spring of the frame is located on the side of the clip in the upper part of the handle. The button pressing the spring of the frame conveniently lies under the thumb of the hand holding the knife.
The knife is packed in a branded box. The box is made according to all the canons of the Russian lacquer miniature by the masters of the village of Kholui, and in itself is an art object. The plot of the miniature was developed by a friend of the Manufactory S&L– the famous artist Vitaly Ilyin (aka Barandash Karandashich). The package includes a certificate of authenticity and a branded microfiber cloth.
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    Maria Stalina Knives
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