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The Knife #8 Manufactory S&L
The Knife #8 Manufactory S&L
The Knife #4 Manufactory S&L
The Knife #4 Manufactory S&L
The Knife #9 Manufactory S&L
The Knife #9 Manufactory S&L
The Knife Proto Manufactory S&L
The Knife Proto Manufactory S&L

    "The Knife" with five ways to open

    The Knife folding knife is a product of the Manufactory S&L focused on a wide range of everyday tasks.

    The Knife model is our vision of what a good Russian folding knife should look like.

    To achieve this status, we included some features in the design and mechanics of the knife:

    Powerful blade 

    The classic drop-point shape ends in a truncated point with a noticeable hollow grind. This decision provided the tip of the "Knife" with high resistance to transverse loads.

    The Knife can be opened in five different ways:

    • for a thumb stud or fuller, in the style of a simple folder;
    • frontal flip (uplifting movement of the thumb on notches);
    • traditional flip;
    • a quick movement so the blade is opened under its own weight;
    • rotational movement of the brush from the body outward so the blade opens inertially.

    Side Press Lock

    The lock button is located on the back of the handle. The knife folds easily and safely with one hand: after pressing the lock button, the blade falls under its own weight into the handle. The blade slows down at 30 degrees to the handle, providing care for the fingers of the owner.

    Spring clip design

    Еhe clip rises above the handle when you press on its tail. It gives maximum comfort for fastening.

    The Knife can be ambidextrous

    Due to the asymmetric structure of the handle, the basic right-handed version of the model will not be comfortable for left-handers to control. We also took care of this moment.

    You can buy our custom knives with a guarantee only on our website. We ship the products anywhere. You can set an appointment and visit our showroom in St. Petersburg.

    Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47