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Cyrax Gladio 1/10 Manufactory S&L

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213 mm
Blade length
78 mm
167 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,5 mm
Blade material
Finishing the blade
Material of the handle
Lock type
Glissando lock
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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New Cyrax from the capsule collection

The capsule collection of 10 knives, each has a unique serial number, the Manufacture’s logo on the blade. This knife is the first (1/10). The collection was named Cyrax Gladio and was shown in the Las Vegas Custom Knives Show LVCKS 2019.

A number of design features distinguish these front-loader folding knives from previous Cyrax variations:

  • Changed blade geometry, effectively stylized as a weapon of Roman legionaries — the gladius sword. The blade now has a one-sided cutting edge and jimping for comfortable grip. The blade became more massive with a super-brutal character. If the popular folding knife Cyrax was repeatedly compared to the "hidden blade" from the Assassin's Creed series, then Cyrex Gladio, in our opinion, is close in spirit to concepts from the equally famous game Dishonored :)
  • The lanyard ring at the end of the handle is now enlarged which is very convenient for inertial safe deployment. Put a finger in the ring, move the hand, as a result the blade extends under its own weight.
  • Extended a locking hole in the handle. You can fold the Cyrax with one hand.

The blade is made of RWL-34 steel by Swedish company Damasteel. The finish combines satin, stonewash and milling.

The frame is made of 95H18 steel by Russian company "Lasmet" (Laboratory of special metallurgy). Hardware is made of 95H18 steel and patinated bronze.

It is easy to buy knives of an unusual shape. The modern knife market provides an endless variety of shapes and colors. Finding a knife with outstanding mechanics is much more difficult! Cyrax Gladio capsule collection knives are now available for pre-order. Contact us to know details and reserve free items.

Attention! All knives of the Cyrax Gladio project can differ in finishes and hardware materials.

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