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The knife SturmVogel (SV) Mars Proto Manufactory S&L

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213 mm
Blade length
95 mm
127 gr
Thickness in the forehead
3,4 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Titanium, bronze
Hardness of the blade
61,2 HRC
Lock type
Compression Lock
From the manufacturer / New
Status: In reserve
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: casket, certificate, microfiber.
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Manufacture caliber SturmVogel is abbreviated SV Mars Prototype by Manufactory S&L.

Our Petrel (Sturmvogel in German) is not a simple bird ... The main feature of the knife this time is the absence of visible fasten elements. Even the pivot skrew is not visible.
The blade with complex engraved graphics, shaped like the wing of a swift bird, is made of Swedish powder steel RWL-34 and has a hardness 62,7 HRC. The lightning–fast flight of the blade when it is opened initiates (as in many other models of the Manufactory) a latent flipper — branded checkerboard notch on the tang end of the blade. Or, for your choice, thumbstud with the logo of Maria Stalina ®.
The compression lock is one of the most reliable designs that protects your fingers from unauthorized blade drops. To close the blade, use the top of the spring lever located on the spine of the handle, decorated with the same notch — one of the autographs of the Manufactory.
The handle is made of titanium, inserts with an intricatepattern of patinated bronze.
The backspacer is crowned by a glass breaker with a hole for a lanyard. The lanyard itself is decorated with a bead with the logo of Maria Stalina ®. The comfortable titanium clip has a pattern of similar style like the handle inserts.
Without false modesty: a stylish, artistic good and a luxurious, ergonomic tool. We envy the future owner))).


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