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Technoshaman Slim DABRO Manufactory S&L

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218 mm
Blade length
97 mm
106 gr
Thickness in the forehead
3,4 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Lock type
CAB (Compression with Assisted Button Lock)
From the manufacturer / New
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: casket, certificate, microfiber.
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Manufacture caliber Technoshaman Slim DABRO.

The most aristocratic of the Shaman family is the Technoshaman Slim DABRO. His strict luxury shape strikes the heart without being conspicuous. It's hard to let go of such a thing. This reference EDC is knife of the leader of the urban fashionable dudes. An excellent pair to the exquisite Gerald Genta or the brutal PANERAI in a bronze case.
The traditional shape of the base model Technoshaman Slim has acquired a number of exquisite details in the elite version – DABRO:
The blade is made of powdered damask from the Swedish concern Damasteel (ROSE pattern). Before etching, it is polished “in the mirror" by hand. Thanks to the proprietary heat treatment of the Manufactory S&L, its hardness reaches HRC 63.
A clip made of the same material and finish received a bronze insert and now adorns the owner's costume, peeking out of the pocket as an independent accessory.
The button that helps to fold the blade and the screws are also made of Damascus from the same manufacturer.
The complex backspace consists of 2 Damascus plates and a central bronze core.
The dies, with a traditional "shamanic" pattern, are made of bronze, covered with a noble patina.
Undoubtedly, getting such a nice piece is a rare piece of luck for a collector. Even if the Manufacture S&L guys repeat the design, the elements from Damascus will forever remain ONE OF A KIND due to the inability to accurately reproduce the pattern on the details.
Damasteel's Damascus is about 10 times more expensive than their "smooth" steel. Bronze is in one row with gold and silver. Precision workmanship, attention to detail, hand finishing and assembly... yes, DABRO is not a budget product. If you've held it in your hands, you know what luxury feels like.
Buying such a treasure is a good investment. This knife is one of the best combinations of design and engineering in the art of knives, and the increase in prices for collectible folders real compete with the success of investments in vintage cars.


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