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The knife Technoshaman 2.0. Slim (Gold) 2/10 Manufactory S&L

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218 mm
Blade length
97 mm
106 gr
Thickness in the forehead
3,4 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Lock type
CAB (Compression with Assisted Button Lock)
From the manufacturer / New
Hardness of the blade
66,2 HRC
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold weapon.
Comes with: box, certificate, microfiber.
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Manufacture caliber Technoshaman 2.0. Slim (Gold) signature 2/10.

Technoshaman, the heir of a technopatolog... is one of the most stylish, functional and ergonomic products from the "Manufactory S&L". For which he is appreciated by collectors. Before Slim, the manufactory had already produced two versions of this design. Technoshaman version 2.0. looks indistinguishable from the original model, but has a modified axial assembly, more technologically advanced and reliable, which, moreover, allows you to completely eliminate even a hint of blade backlash.
The slimmed down version of the Technoshaman Proto 2.0. handsome Slim got a thinner handle with the same we thickness of the blade. At the same time, the handle has not become less comfortable and still sits in the palm of your hand as if poured in. But, with his quite adult growth, he practically does not feel "in your pocket". In addition, it has become lighter and now weighs only 106 grams, without losing a drop of its external attractiveness. It can be said that it has become more "costumed". So, I have the honor to introduce myself: “Urban, civil Technoshaman Proto 2.0. Slim”.
The universal blade is equipped with a curved cutting edge and is decorated with a mirror-polished fuller resembling the eye of a bird of prey. The descents and planes of the blade are covered with soft velvet of fine stonewash. On the butt, in the area of the heel of the blade, and on the heel itself, the branded chess corrugations of the Manufactory S&L is applied. This is not just a decoration, it is a functional technological detail. On the heel of the blade, branded chess corrugations works like a fin (while not sticking out beyond the dimensions of the knife) and the finger pad clings to it very comfortably when flipping. Chess corrugations is applied on the butt for reliable grip with the index finger or thumb during power cutting.
The complex geometry of the folding handle dies is formed from monolithic titanium VT-6. Complex geometry is not a designer's whim, everything is utilitarian and technological. Samples of complex configuration on the inside facilitate the die while maintaining its rigidity. The front side of the dies is decorated with an engraving, the intricate pattern of which was developed by Nikolai Lomachenkov. The ergonomic shape of the handle is very comfortable in the hand, while the handle pattern serves to improve the grip of the dies with the hand, in order to avoid slipping during power work.
The clip from the same titanium VT-6 is simply the queen in the world of clips! Literally, Maybach and Rolls-Royce are among the holders on the pocket. It has not just a rounded protrusion or a ball for a soft grip of the fabric, it has as many as two rollers that facilitate the anchoring and removal of a pocket friend. They perfectly accurately determine the trajectory and direction of its movement, showing boundless tenderness and delicacy to the fabric of the pocket.
The CAB lock (Compression with Assisted Button Lock) is also the fruit of the long creative efforts of the Manufactory S&L. Created on the basis of a classic compression lock, it is additionally equipped with a button, pressing which bends the spring, opening the lock. But that's not all, the button is stylized as a screw head with a branded slot of the manufactory. It is not at first glance that you will see that this is not just a fitting part, but a movable functional element.


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