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Antonio Fogarizzu Kube

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220 mm
Blade length
98 mm
123 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,4 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Damascus, Titanium, yellow metal
Price: $21,000USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author packaging (fabric case, certificate).
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Italian artwork knife Kube D. A. by Antonio Fogarizzu

No friends, there is no typo in the price tag. You might ask, "Is this a golden knife?" And we will answer: “Of course not! Gold would be much cheaper". However, jewelry elements are also present in the product.

The blade and handle of the Kube knife are made of alloyed Damascus. Damascus was acid-etched to matte black and glossy un-etched veins. The blade shape is closest to wharncliffe-blade type. Such a profile hints at the gentlemanly or even expositional nature of the product (in case its value and rich finish are not convincing enough).

The blade has a rhythmic ornamental inlay made of yellow precious metal. The inserts of the handle are made according to the same principle and in addition are framed with titanium, anodized in blue and purple tones. Steel bolster is polished in a mirror. 

The abbreviation “D. A." in the name of the knife means "Double Action", that is, the knife has a double-action mechanism. The bolster element on the left scale is the movable toggle switch of the lock, which is responsible for opening the blade. The same part on the right side of the handle is a rotary switch, which allows the blade to move with a help of a spring toggle switch. Then it is locked by hand. This is how it works.

Antonio Fogarizzu Kube D. A. is a pearl of applied art that can surprise even the most prominent perfectionist not only with its impeccable exterior but also with its outstanding mechanical component.

We recommend you to look at the References section of the Maria Stalina Knives catalog, which presents the works of world-famous knife-making celebrities.

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