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Daniluk Vladic Enso

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218 mm
Blade length
93 mm
262 g
Thickness in the forehead
4,1 mm
Blade material
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Material of the handle
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Lock type
Liner Lock
Price: $5,830USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author box.
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Enso — the custom knife forged in Swedish smithy

A blacksmith and knife-maker Daniluk Vladiс created Mosaic Damascus for Enso.  For each of his flippers, the master creates a separate Damascus package. This approach to the organization of production does not give the right to make a mistake, if he spoils one detail, then he has to create a new package because the pattern of the package cannot be reproduced again exactly.

Enso is a tribute to Japanese culture and Zen philosophy. Its name is a Buddhist symbol meaning perfect enlightenment. Its shape is a reference to the tanto — the smallest of the samurai swords. Artful mosaic pattern Damascus resembles thin ice in the courtyard of the Daitoku monastery, in which Sakura flowers are reflected.

The eastern profile of the blade has excellent cutting characteristics. The knife will easily cut through a coarse string or a bamboo stem.

The pocket clip is also made of  Mosaic Damascus. Despite its solid weight (262 grams), Enso does not weigh down the palm.  Pay attention to the backspacer, or rather, to the inscription on its inner part. Vladic Daniluk left his autograph and the name of the model there.

The knife flip is so perfect that you want to repeat it over and over again. One pressure on the flipper — and a powerful blade, cutting the air, shoots out of the handle. Its flight is stopped by the click of a reliable Liner Lock.

Enso is a tanto knife, the Damascus of which amazes with the filigree work, and the flip testifies to the impeccability of the mechanism. This knife will be a great gift for both Basho hokku admirers and Mitsuoka riders. An exquisite wooden case and a lanyard with a bead made by Daniluk come with the knife.

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