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Daniluk Vladiс Star of Persia

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205 mm
Blade length
90 mm
252 g
Thickness in the forehead
4 mm
Blade material
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Material of the handle
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Damascus by Vladic Daniluk
Star of Persia
Lock type
Liner Lock
Status: Sold
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
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I present you a masterpiece of knifemaking and blacksmith's skill. It’s a magnificent knife from mosaic damascus that was created by our personal order from the author.

Very rare and may be one and only case when knife maker is both the author and the manufacturer (blacksmith) of a unique mosaic damask, the main material used in the construction of this masterpiece! The knife blade, the lining on the handle and the clip are made from one set of mosaic damask masters specially designed for this model. This item has no analogues.

The design of Star of Persia creates for the viewer a nontrivial for folding knifes feeling that the blade is a continuation of the hilt and together they represent a single whole. This gives the product ease, swiftness and conciseness.
Few authors will undertake to create a clip of mosaic Damascus steel, the difficulty lies in the fragility of material. Having done a great job, Vladik managed to create a stunning pocket clip. Clip drawing completely repeats the drawing of the handle.
Vladik Danilyuk was born in Moscow, and since 1992 lives in Sweden. His main hobby and passion is making knives and unique Damascus steel. He began his work in the old abandoned smithy built in 1775 — «When I smack Damascus, I feel like an artist creating a picture of a steel palette. This is a world of limitless possibilities and only our imagination sets boundaries. In order to make the perfect knife you need a lot of knowledge and patience, and this is my goal, thanks to hard work and experiments I strive for this». 

Today pocket knife is an element of style that has become an integral accessory, emphasizing the taste and status of a gentleman. 

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