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Emmanuel Esposito Scorpion Dagger

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200 mm
Blade length
96 mm
127 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,5 mm
Blade material
Material of the handle
Lock type
Double C-lock
From the manufacturer / New
Handle Finish
Back Bone mosaic inlay (pearl, green carbon fiber and SS416 inserts).
Status: Our collection
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with author's package (box, case, certificate, microfiber).
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Folding art stiletto knife with designer lock and mosaic

Scorpion Dagger by Emmanuel Esposito is a crazy piece of art, the new knife in our collection is. This model was first presented at the Art Knife Invitational in 2019.

For those who are in the subject, comments are superfluous, just enjoy the images. For the lucky ones who are happy to meet Emmanuel's masterpieces for the first time, let us explain: the author is one of the most demanded and expensive champions of the world's fine art knife making. He always takes participation in prestigious private knife shows such as Arts in Metal.

His works are perfect and impeccable in design and execution. The attention to detail is beyond praise. The works of the wizard combine jewelry fineness with the precision of mechanics, to match the watch. By the way, Signor Esposito's list of unusual and outstanding works includes a collaboration with an extra-class watch company URWERK.

The Scorpion Dagger is a "dangerous" stiletto at first glance, in fact, a peaceful gentleman's folder. "Opening from a button", the public associates with "tough guy knives." The push-button mechanism of the Scorpion lock, when pressed, only slightly opens the blade, as if emphasizing the peaceful nature of the work of art. The author's C-Lock is a double lock that can be closed and opened by simultaneously pressing two buttons on both sides of the knife handle. The design of the lock allowed to increase the inlay area.

It is probably not entirely correct to describe the applied qualities of a work of art, but this artifact is not a beautiful toy, but an absolutely functional folding knife. The classic shape of the dagger combines a 96 mm long double-edged blade made of RWL-34 steel and an ergonomic steel handle, jewelry-inlaid with a mosaic of black mother-of-pearl, designer carbon fiber with green veins and steel. Emmanuel inlaid it. All his works more-less have such decoration. It creates a unique author's aura of the master's works and represents a serious artistic and material value.

The artifact produced by Emmanuel is modern masterpieces of applied art, worthy of the best museums in the world. The author makes only a few pieces a year. The waiting list is closed. The creations can be expensively bought exclusively at closed auctions of elite exhibitions. Collectors know getting the grail from Esposito is a rare piece of luck.

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