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Jean-Pierre Martin Furtif Proto

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212 mm
Blade length
90 mm
78 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,5 mm
Blade material
Carpenter 40 CP
Finishing the blade
Hand Rubbed Satin
Material of the handle
"Lightning Bronze" Carbon Fiber
"Lightning Bronze" Carbon Fiber
Lock type
Side-Lock Ameliore
Status: Our collection
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author packaging (leather case, certificate, paper bag).
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Impressive novelty by famous French knifemaker Jean-Pierre Martin

Another masterpiece in the collection of Maria Stalina Knives.

The author was inspired by the same name of aircraft when he was projecting model Furtif (hidden, secret) Furtif is the French name for the technology 'Stealth'. In the axial assembly of the knife, Martin first applied a bearing system of his design. This costume knife is ultra-light (78 grams). It was presented at the Strasbourg knife show 2018 in February.

The blade with the Wharncliffe profile was made of stainless steel Carpenter C40. Finish of the surface — hand rubbed satin. The wedge is opened by pressing the thumb on the fin or cocked by the protruding angle of the back of the spine in the front part of the handle. The shape of the blade is well suited for precise cuts on the horizontal surface and planning movements. Of course, with an amendment to the rarity and costume style of the product.

The handle was made of Lightning Bronze carbon fiber. In the plates there is a steel liner of the Side-Lock Ameliore and a secret autograph of the Master: on the inner surface of the right plate, there is a movable flag leading the locking brace of the lock to the horizontal position. In this case, the blade gently and freely moves in the direction of opening/closing without the slightest hint of backlash, demonstrating an ideal fit for the elements of the new axial system.

Angular forms and upstroke tail part of the handle in combination with the sloping spine of the blade and the straight cutting edge imitate the aerodynamics of planes. The design also includes a carbon-type tip-up clip and a hole for the lanyard.

Furtif is handcrafted like the rest of the masterpieces by J-P Martin. The master in principle does not use high-precision laser equipment, achieving a jewelry finish and perfect fitting of parts with his own hands. The work of Jean-Pierre is strict and noble as befits gentleman knives. And just like true gentlemen, they are extremely rare.

In our catalog of folding knives, you can explore a wide range of Jean-Pierre Martin collection knives and other famous knife makers.


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