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Nylund Knives Backlock Folder

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205 mm
Blade length
91 mm
199 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,6 mm
Blade material
Nickel Damascus with a Core of RWL-34
Material of the handle
Blue anodized Titanium
Handle Finish
Nickel Damascus inlay
Backlock Folder
Lock type
Back Lock
Price: $7,140USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author packaging (Karelian birch box, certificate).
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Collectible Finnish Folding Knife Backlock Folder

Beautiful knives made by Simon and Jakob Nylund are known far beyond the borders of Finland. Scandinavian brothers creatе hand-forged masterpieces.

The Backlock Folder deserves special attention among Nylund's knives. It resembles a reindeer that came out of the forest, fell into a puddle of gasoline, and admired its iridescent beauty.

Blacksmiths combined colored Damascus and RWL-34 for the blade. The material is vivid and practical. Damascus gives the blade a striking pattern, and the RWL-34 guarantees sharpness.

The folder is easy to open thanks to a fuller. The Back Lock mechanism firmly holds the blade from accidental folding.

The convex handle of the knife fits nicely in the hand, but the shape is not its main advantage. The handle captivates with its design. The scales are made of anodized zirconium — a rare and pretty expensive material. The inlays are made of nickel Damascus. The final touch is an anodized titanium ultramarine liner.

Nylund Knives Backlock Folder is a feast for the eyes of the esthete. It is also a rare collectible model, in which everything is handmade — from Damascus to the lock mechanism. By the way, the knife case is also made of Karelian birch and deer leather by hand.

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