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Fabrizio Silvestrelli Persian

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165 mm
Blade length
70 mm
139 g
Thickness in the forehead
3,1 mm
Blade material
Damascus Damasteel
Material of the handle
Mother of Pearl, yellow metal Inlays
416 Stainless Steel engraved by G. F. Pedersoli
416 Stainless Steel
Lock type
Liner Lock
From the manufacturer / New
Price: $15,930USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Comes with: author packaging (case, certificate).
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Persian knife is exquisite perfection from Fabrizio Silvestrelli

Are you looking for the best custom knives? Fabrizio Silvestrelli Persian is a fine-art object of the category that goes beyond regular knifemaking. However, the shape, ethnic aspect, and classic weapon motifs of its decor are beginning in the origins of this art. Such work, demonstrating the highest level of taste and skill of the Author, we call nothing else as "Reference knives".

The Persian blade is made of Damascus alloy by Damasteel. The cutting edge has a long rise to the point, characteristic of oriental blades, but the butt of the wedge is almost horizontal, so the shape of the blade is more like a "Scandinavian" stylized "Persian".

The handle has a strongly marked saber motif with a fencing bend. The liners, bolster, and backspacer are made of stainless 416 steel. The side edges of the liners and spacer have a spiral polished relief. The finest art engraving with jewelry elements is made on the bolster of the item (Master engraver G. F. Pedersoli). The inlays are made of mother-of-pearl inlaid with yellow metal. The butt and the backspacer also have jewelry inserts.

The knife lock is a push-button liner-lock, the textured lock button is an element of the engraved composition on the bolster.

The Persian jewelry knife is a product of the one-off category, the only one in the world. Do you have a friend who collects curiosities and every time choosing a gift for him turns into a big task? Silvestrelli's knives and the work of other renowned Craftsmen, presented in the Reference section, will help solve it. We recommend taking a look at the products of our Manufacture. ;)

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