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Caswell Knives

Caswell Knives is an American knife company

Caswell's knives — knives with patent mechanisms

Caswell Knives is an American knife company founded by Joe Caswell. 

Joe began full-time knifemaking in 1995. Originally specializing in historic pattern welding. The first 10 years Caswell devoted to creating replicas of historical weapons. Basically, the master made swords of the Celts and Vikings, and Joe himself was welding and forging steel. Sometimes his works were created based on medieval weapons, and sometimes it exactly repeated the famous swords. Such as, copy of an Anglo-Saxon sword found in a burial mound at Sutton Hoo, England (circa 635 AD), made by a master in 1997.

Joe shifted focus to innovative design for custom and production projects starting with the EDC folding knife in 2005. EDC won the award “Best Innovative Design” in Blade Show, Atlanta in 2008.  The new EDX model won the “Most Unique Design” award at the 2010 USN G2 Gathering and the “Most Innovative Design” award at the Blade Show 2011.

The next knife “Morphing Karambit” was also notable. Caswell has developed a stylish, comfortable, smart folding karambit with a unique author's mechanics. CRKT bought the rights to serial production of the model.

While stores fill up with budget Caswell’s custom, we are waiting for Joe's new inventions, which will give new meaning to the phrase “knife made in the USA”.

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Caswell Knives EDX
Caswell Knives EDX
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