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Cold Flame Knives

Cold Flame Knives

"Cold flame" of the Russian blacksmith

Cold Flame Knives is a Russian brand created by a blacksmith and knife maker Sergey Bobkov. The company is located in Tula — the city of gunsmiths, samovars and pryanik (gingerbread).

Many craftsmen came to professional knife making from related fields, their love for knives from a hobby grew into a profession. But Sergei has a different story. After school, he went to a technical school, and in the mid-90s he defended his diploma in plasma welding methods. Six years later, Bobkov began to create edged weapons, and in 2013 he organized the Cold Flame manufactory.

The master quickly became famous as the author of an amazingly complex pattern of mosaic Damascus. For a long time he created only premium fixed blade knives. All blades were made exclusively from his own Damascus or Bulat steel. Handles were covered with silver, mother-of-pearl, rare wood species and other valuable materials.

In 2014 Cold Flame Knives produced a budget series to diversify products on the market. These knives were cheaper than premium knives, but still exceeded the average check of most stores.

In a series of knives dedicated to Egor Samsonov blades were made of Russian steel H12MF. Egor Samsonov was a famous Tula gunsmith, he worked in the second half of the XIX – early XX century, and was a supplier of the Imperial Hunting Society. Sergey Bobkov created replicas of eight knives of the famous countryman.

Recently author's folders appeared in the range of "Cold Flame". Sergey Bobkov created four models of folding knives: "Bulldog", "Vector", "Elf" and "Toro". All models have a common construction — they are flippers with bearing and a liner lock. For blades the master uses both mosaic damascus and steel H12MF. The materials of handle inlays are limited only by the imagination of the author or the customers: from carbon fiber to mammoth tusk.

It's easy to buy folding knives from Russia, but it's not easy to find such quality knives that can be called fine-art knives. Sergei Bobkov's knives, no doubt, can be attributed to this category.

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Cold Flame Knives Vector
Cold Flame Knives Vector
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