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Schoeman Corrie

Corrie SchoemanThe veteran of African custom knifemaking Corrie Schoeman 

Corrie Schoeman is a virtuoso knife maker and member of the South African Knifemakers Guild. 

Corrie started to create knives when he was a student, more than 30 years ago. He made his first Bowie knife almost from garbage: a car detail and a chip of deer horn. He still keeps this knife as a relic.

Then Schumann began to dream of a samurai sword. He could not afford to buy Japanese weapon, but he already had experience. Of course, there weren't enough opportunities for a full-fledged katana, but he tried to make a short sword. The result of many days of work was a very good sai — a dagger like a trident, the traditional weapon of the warriors of the island of Okinawa.

The guys from the University were fascinated by custom sai and Corrie continued to make knives as a hobby. Only years after he made knifemaking his profession. 

Corrie Schoeman is a charming snob and prefers to work only with premium materials. The blades are made of Damascus, while for the handles are used the most unimaginable materials: giraffe bone and meteorite, mammoth tusk and G10, micarta and bronze. The scales where one material goes with an impressive overlay on top of another — is the zest of the master. One more feature of Corrie Schoeman is a backspacer incrustation with precious stones (mainly rubies). Most often, the master creates stylish EDC, but recently, he added unusual balisongs with composing handles to his range.





Corrie Schoeman Persian
Corrie Schoeman Persian
Corrie Schoeman Raindrop
Corrie Schoeman Raindrop
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