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Defiant 7 Knives

The creation of Les George and Chad Nichols Defiant 7 Knives

Defiant 7 Knives is a brand that brings together the talents and capital of two outstanding representatives of the Knife-making world: designer Les George and blacksmith Chad Nichols.

Les fell in love with knives at school, and at the age of 12, he began his collection. His parents were not enthusiastic about his hobby, considering it to be dangerous. When young Les once again came to ask for money for a knife, he got a refuse. Then he wondered if he could make a knife himself. Laughing at the teen's idea, the parents gave permission. This is how Les George created his first fixed blade.

However, Les was in no hurry to leave for the world of Knife-making. In addition to knives, he was interested in pistols, rifles, machine guns, mines. With such an interest in the military, there is only one road — to the marines. The guy liked the army: he participated in several military operations conducted by the US army in Asian countries, was in Africa, Latin America, and was demobilized only after ten years of service. In civilian life, Les George cleared unexploded ordnance and continued to make knives. The former Marine had experience with tactics, and he dedicated his work to them. Les's works immediately attracted the attention of other knife-makers and large firms. An experienced soldier was used to acting in a team, so he always gladly cooperated with colleagues. Les George's designs are used by firms such as Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, and Pro-Tech.

Les founded his own company, George Knives, Inc. The knifemaker creates custom knives, and mid-tech (limited edition with a lot of handmade). One firm was not enough for Les George, he invited Chad Nichols to be a partner and registered another brand — Defiant 7 Knives. Chad Nichols is one of the most famous Damascus makers in the world.

Defiant 7 knives have perfect mechanics, premium materials, and a masculine design. Titanium scales, a blade of first-class steel — that's all the materials needed. The shape of the knife is also without frills — the Prop Point profile and a straight handle with a curve for the index finger. The Defiant 7 Knives is designed by Les George, and Chad Nichols makes first-class Damascus with fabulous patterns.

The Defiant 7 Knives series knives are tactical, urban-style knives. Now the Knifemaker tandem offers two models for EDC fans: Kumu and Hyrax. The highlight of the Kumu knife is hard stonewash, through which even Chuck's wonderful Damascus had to go through (though only on one side of the blade). Compared to it, the Hyrax is a graceful gentlemanly flipper. It does not have the Nichols pattern Damascus, but the handle is adorned with anodized titanium screws.

Detailed information about the flippers by Les George and Chuck Nichols, presented in the Maria Stalina Knives store, can be obtained from our manager.

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Defiant 7 Knives Hyrax
Defiant 7 Knives Hyrax
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