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Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina Knives

Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria Stalina Knives

Virtuoso knives of the Manufacture of Stalina & Lomachenkov

Custom knives by Nikolai Lomachenkov are well known both in Russia and abroad. Nikolai's exceptional approach brought him popularity. He believes the knife mechanism is the main aesthetic feature and pays close attention to it. Although you wouldn't find much about Nickolai on the internet. For those who want to learn some biographical details of his life and the story of the Stalina and Lomachenkov Manufacture we publish this article.

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Lomachenkov was born in Smolensk in 1962. Nikolai's father professionally worked with metal, his uncle and grandfather were really interested in knife culture, often giving each other interesting knives. From a young age, knife aesthetics captured Nikolai’s imagination. The master still remembers that fascinating, hypnotic feeling that was filling him when he was looking at the steel of a blade, shining like a water surface. For the child a knife wasn’t a weapon, nor a tool, nor a dangerous toy. It was an artefact that had cold austere beauty and was mysteriously attracting the boy.

His first fixed blade knife Nickolai made in his father's garage by grinding it with a file out of a huge rusty caliper. What a spartan debut! Nickolai was 14 years old back then.

After serving in the army, Nickolai got a job at a factory, where he gained valuable knowledge and experience in the field of metal processing.

An important milestone in the Master’s life was moving to Minsk in 1986. That time Nickolai Lomachenkov started taking martial arts classes, which gave him the opportunity to take a fresh look at knife culture and knifemaking principles considering the practical and martial purposes of a knife. While making training knives and souvenir replicas of cold weapons, Nikolai was experimenting, discovered special techniques and developed his skills in knifemaking.

Inspired by a folder he had seen in an Italian magazine, Nickolai made his first folding knife with a linerlock in 1990.

Lomachenkov was satisfied with his work, but soon felt he didn’t want to repeat after somebody and limit himself by popular designs. Mechanics of a folding knife drew Nickolai’s attention never less than its aesthetic. Creating his own custom knives Nickolai tried to modify well-known folder designs and bring his fresh ideas to them. Master’s special tricks in lock designs,  fancy ways of opening and closing a knife, quaint shapes of blades and handles became his own trademark.

In 2015 Nickolai met Maria Stalina. Maria adopted her passion for knives after her father and has been collecting knives for more than 10 years so far, picking up outstanding items from all over the world. Maria Stalina collaborates successfully with famous knife makers and manufacturers, she regularly participates in world knife events.  

Being a head of an online shop, Maria set a goal of creating her own brand and custom knife production. Maria and Nickolai were a match at their interests and seeing a knife as an artwork. So they started to work in tandem. Maria is responsible for production management and sales, but also participates in design of new models.

Joint project the Manufacture of Stalina & Lomachenkov gained wide popularity in the knife community and picked up speed to get to the international arena. Russian folding knives have success and growing popularity abroad. Stalina & Lomachenkov knives are no exception. These knives are featured in main international exhibitions and they do get honorable prizes.

You can order Stalina & Lomachenckov Manufacture knives in an adequate section of the catalogue on mariastalina.com website.

You can see an item with your own eyes before purchasing in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. To do so please book a visit via feedback form on the website or call us. You would find our contact information in the Contact section of our website

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Tachycardia Metallic Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Tachycardia Metallic Nikolai Lomachenkov…
Price on request
Insider Proto 1/1 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Insider Proto 1/1 Nikolai Lomachenkov…
Cyrax Gladio Damascus 2/2 Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax Gladio Damascus 2/2 Lomachenkov…
Price on request
Borziy Comanche Ti Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Borziy Comanche Ti Nikolai Lomachenkov…
Barber Cheese Bronze Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Barber Cheese Bronze Nikolai Lomachenkov…
$2,100 USD
Dune Imago Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Dune Imago Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
The Knife #8 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
The Knife #8 Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
Borziy Comanche thumbstud Lomachenkov Stalina
Borziy Comanche thumbstud Lomachenkov…
Rhino XL Proto-1 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Rhino XL Proto-1 Nikolai Lomachenkov…
$1,500 USD
Tachycardia Limbus Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Tachycardia Limbus Nikolai Lomachenkov…
Screwdriver №3 (9 mm) Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Screwdriver №3 (9 mm) Nikolai Lomachenkov…
$120 USD
Screwdriver №2 (8mm) Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Screwdriver №2 (8mm) Nikolai Lomachenkov…
$120 USD
Screwdriver №1 (8mm) Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Screwdriver №1 (8mm) Nikolai Lomachenkov…
$120 USD
Candiru Siska Engraved Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina
Candiru Siska Engraved Nikolai Lomachenkov…
The Knife #4 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
The Knife #4 Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
Cyrax Gladio 1/10 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax Gladio 1/10 Nikolai Lomachenkov…
The Knife #9 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
The Knife #9 Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
Cyrax 3/3 Nikolai Lomachenkov Maria Stalina Knives
Cyrax 3/3 Nikolai Lomachenkov & Maria…
Price on request
Maria Stalina Knives 197341, Saint-Petersburg Kolomyazhsky Avenue. 28-3 +7 (812) 676-33-47