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Hidetoshi Nakayama Bracelet knife 4139

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66 g
Steel, leather
247 mm
Price: $1,530USD
In stock
Comes with: shipping packaging.
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Hidetoshi Nakayama Bracelet knife with Mimosa® Leather Strap

The stylish men's bracelet carries a miniature dagger in its polished shell. An unusual piece of jewelry from a sculptor and knifemaker Hidetoshi Nakayama got into the Maria Stalin Knives online store directly from the author at the New York Custom Knife Show 2019.

The authority of the master is huge. The creators of men's accessories, Ryk Maverick takes the Japanese as a sensei and sends jewelers from Starlingear to a colleague's workshop for training.

Every detail of his works, down to the smallest screw, Hidetoshi-san painstakingly makes by hand. However, a small exception was made for the knife bracelet. An amazingly crafted black leather strap with a bark texture and bloody red stitching, crafted by the Japanese company Mimosa®.

The body of the bracelet is an admiration for the European steampunk style. The stud for extending the blade, the swing of the spring-loaded locking mechanism, neat rivets- all components are polished to a mirror finish. The master covered the backside with a beautiful satin finish, on the surface of which he drew his signature — hieroglyphs 英俊.

The mechanics of the accessory are simple and aesthetically pleasing in Japanese style. The lock is released by pressing on the thin edge of the swing, the small blade is pulled out behind the stud, turned over, and fixed by the same mechanism in the open state.

The blade, like the entire body, is made of Japanese high-quality stainless steel. Its dagger profile is perfect for office tasks such as opening envelopes.

A custom bracelet by a Japanese master looks masculine and elegant on the hand. This handmade designer accessory with a secret knife is a great gift for a stylish businessman.

Feel like James Bond, get a knife bracelet.

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