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Lanyard bead Maria Stalina ®

Handmade Maria Stalina ® lanyard bead for custom knives Accessories Maria Stalina lanyard bead made of white steel for folding knife Bead for paracord made of white steel polished in a mirror with the logo of Maria Stalin for the knife flipper The lanyard bead Maria Stalina will become a worthy pair for almost any EDC knife
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9 gr.
Maria Stalina ®
White steel
Длина бусины
18 mm
Высота бусины
18 mm
Ширина бусины
18 mm
Maria Stalina ® (Мария Сталина)
Price: $100USD
In stock
Comes with: fabric case.
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A lanyard bead with the Maria Stalina ® logo.

The sphere of white metal is decorated with the trademark Maria Stalina ® piercing it through and through. A curious knifer who looks at the light source through a bead will make sure that the branded monogram MS is not applied to the surface, but cuts through the entire body of the artifact. Perpendicular to the shaped slot MS, there is a through hole — a loophole for the paracord.
The lanyard bead will become a worthy pair for almost any EDC knife. We argue: the most perfect of geometric shapes – a sphere made of proud white metal, comfortable size, with a harmonious logo of a prestigious brand — is a very elegant accessory!
And if you want more intricate solutions, we will tell you: the MS lanyard bead can be used as the central element of a bracelet woven from a paracord, or as an original pendant. Your possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. Find your own use for the bead!
The lanyard bead "MS" is released in a limited edition. Do not miss the opportunity to please yourself and decorate your collection with a stylish rare thing or make a gift to a sophisticated knifeman, a fan of the Manufactory S&L (Maria Stalina ® project dedicated to creating folding knives worthy of being considered piece of art).


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