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Lanyard bead Scoffer Gloo Maria Stalina ®

The lanyard bead for the knife Scoffer Gloo made of bronze by Maria Stalina Custom bead for the Scoffer Gloo necklace made of bronze and white metal from Maria Stalina Exclusive author's bead Scoffer Gloo made of bronze and white metal from Maria Stalina Accessory for a folding knife Scoffer Gloo from Maria Stalina
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32 gr
Bronze, steel
Длина бусины
25 mm
Высота бусины
40 mm
Ширина бусины
25 mm
Maria Stalina ® (Мария Сталина)
Price: $170USD
In stock
Comes with: fabric case.
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A new character in the Maria Stalina ® family of accessories, this time a lanyard bead.

Meet the Scoffer Gloo’. He's younger brother of the Gloomy Samurai who lives on belt buckles from Maria Stalina ® . Like his older brother, little Gloo is not a local character. His appearance in the spaces given to us in sensations is shrouded in a fog of mystery. We are not sure may be he is from other planets, from other times or other dimensions sistem. The only thing we know is that he is a bodyguard with a good sense of humor and pit bull instincts. If you make friends with him, he will tell you his own story. Unlike the Gloomy brother, Gloo prefers to live on the knives lanyard, which is logical:  character with sharp mind next to sharp blade.

The lanyard bead, on the one hand, is a kind of talisman, on the other hand, the owner's avatar, the image and mood of which can tell a lot about the latter. The abundance of various skulls on the lanyards of knife fans all over the world, regardless of their artistic, emotional and technological differences, cannot but cause a creative and searching nature to yawn lightly... Are you a creator? Extraordinary personality? Do you want a character not “like everyone else”? Do you want to be able to independently endow him with strength, talents, emotional traits and skills that appeal to you? Please! Glu the Mocker is a nobody from nowhere. Study it carefully, the Mocker will give the ground for a flight of fancy. The high quality of the finishes and the abundance of jewelry-made details of its specific structure gives the owner free in assign functions of senses and the weapons of defense and attack abounding on the aliens head. Create it yourself: make up his story and be friends with him. And he, in response, will be to you, if not an Angel, then certainly a guardian for sure!

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