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Lanyard beads The King and The Jester

The King and the Jester — beads for a joint project by Maria Stalina and Svetlin Stefanov for a folding knife Beads for a knife made of bronze, copper and steel from Maria Stalin together with a Bulgarian artist A great accessory in the form of beads for your knife The King and the Jester made of copper, bronze and steel for a lanyard
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The price for the set.
38 gr
Svetlin Stefanov
Copper, Bronze, Steel
Длина бусины Король
18 mm
Высота бусины Король
24 mm
Ширина бусины Король
15 mm
Длина бусины Шут
17 mm
Высота бусины Шут
27 mm
Ширина бусины Шут
27 mm
Maria Stalina ® (Мария Сталина)
Price: $370USD
In stock
Comes with: fabric case.
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Unity and struggle of opposites in lanyard beads of Maria Stalina ® 

Svetlin Stefanov is a well—known Bulgarian master of caricature, winner of many local and international awards. His sunny satire is kind and ironic. Svetlin's works gently poke fun at the weaknesses and passions of human nature. Each of his works is a concise, colorful anecdote about weaknesses and vulnerable traits, addictions and vices of people. Sometimes it is a personal portrait, and sometimes sketches on a domestic, social or romantic theme, in which several characters take part.
The characters and caricature plots of Svetlin's, as usual, are born on paper.  And only his favorites get reincarnated in a wood. The composition of the King and the Jester is one of the favorites. When the Collective Cognitive Creative of Maria Stalina ® conceived to make paired lanyard beads based on the caricature, the master kindly blessed this development of the plot. The heads of the King and the Jester from the original figure of Svetlin were scanned in 3D (to fully preserve the author's emotion and spirit), scaled, divided into parts, cast and assembled in the "three metals" technique. Each pair is made and finishing by hand with reverent attention to detail and careful elaboration of the thin details.
So, the King and the Jester. Philosophical image: the duality of opposites; the truth that is born in a dispute; The Great Limit (in the vernacular Yin-Yang) in the Western manner ... At the same time, an ironic image that opposes the carefree wise and crafty no possession  to the prim imperious pride of possessing the superfluous. Practically, a symbol of rebellious free-thinking.
Avid poker players simply do not have the right to wear any other symbols on the lanyard, knowing about  "The King and The Jester",
The image of a brutal skull dominates in your collection of beads, you like it, but already tired of it? Are you a self-sufficient person with a sense of humor and self-irony? Then this pair is yours! Beads with a subtext specially for extraordinary gentlemen who are ready to accept as a totem the jester — the eternal crafty and wise alter ego of the king. 
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