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Fedoskino factory pen Oblique hares hunters

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55 g
161 mm
Brass, metal
From the manufacturer / New
19 mm
Price: $2,420USD
In stock
This item is not a cold steel weapon.
Please note, the nuances of colors and small details of item can be different on pictures.
Comes with: box.
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Predatory hares in the Fedoskino painting technique 

Oblique hares hunters pen is a unique artwork of Alexander Olshanskii, the founder of Fedoskino factory, an apprentice of ancient Japanese varnish miniature school Makie and an old Russian Fedoskino painting  school follower.

Writing accessory is a complete handiwork. The body of the pen was made of brass and India rubber composite by a professional restorer. Brass elements are decorated with noble metal. It took the master 5 days to create all the tiny decoration details of the pen.

Much more time Alexander Olshanskii spent on painting by hand. The Artist was painting on the surface using multi-layer varnish miniature technique, which was born 250 years ago in a Moscow suburbs’ village Fedoskino. Alexander Olshanskii has been carefully creating all the tiniest details of the picture, alternating layers of oil paints and transparent varnish. Due to the thin metal sheets, we are able to see a special glow of aureate elements: the thinnest metal sheet is laying under 3 layers of transparent paint, reflecting sun rays from the depth of painting.

The plot of the picture cannot but make you smile. Plump armed hunter with blue eyes (with a dagger on his belt, gun and fowling bag across his body) is hiding on a tree, trying to save himself from 2 grey cute hares. Hares won’t let him go so easily: one of them is trying to reach his prey with a stick and the other one is aiming at the hunter with a slingshot. The scene appears in a very small detail. Hare’s fur, bark of a tree, decoration of the bag – you can contemplate them infinitely.

The pen comes in a maroon box with beige lodgment.

Hares the Hunters is an elite writing accessory made in a single copy. An exquisite artwork, created in a sophisticated technique of multi-layer varnish miniature.  An artefact that is deserving of attention of a demanding esthete and a successful businessman.

There’s just one click of a mouse that sets you apart from owning it.

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    Maria Stalina Knives
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